SuperLite Mounting


Wanted to have a dedicated thread with SuperLite specs:

The SuperLite has two different types of t-nuts: non-spin and spin. The non-spin t-nuts are included with every SuperLite and are intended to be used to mount your Mounting Straps to your rack/cross bar. The spin t-nuts are included with the SuperLite Ladder Mounts, so that you can fit the t-nuts in-between the non-spin t-nuts.

In the picture below, the non-spin t-nuts are on the top and have sharp 90 degree corners; whereas the spin t-nuts are on the bottom and have rounded sides:

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Strange. I did not see this post when searching before posting my thread about hardware. Perhaps the threads should be merged?

Anyone else find the 2.75” and 3” hex bolts unusable?

Hey There,

Thought I would add onto this thread instead of creating another. I wanted to share some alternative mounting information that I hadn’t seen posted anywhere.

I mounted my superlite over my bed, under cab height, on my 2020 Ford Ranger superb (long bed). I am currently exceeding the maximum overhand in the rear (recommended 16", mine is about 26") and the bed seems good enough even though there is a bit of flex. For longevity though I have been working on a solution to support/stiffen the rear end and came up with one made out of parts from McMaster-carr.

Basically it is two poled that pivot down and ret on my tailgate - mounted to the very end of the superlite rails.


CAD model using real measurements of superlite rail and distance to tailgate:


Hopefully this helps anyone out there doing some alternative mounting methods. Let me know if you want any of my resources like the cad model of the rails I made using specific measurements and such.

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Also, I did go and get different hardware. I bought 5/16-18 x 1" stainless steel hex bolts to mount the superlite. Also ordered security bolts to replace half the bolts when those arrive. let me know if you have any questions as I went through the whole process to make it all work.


Thought I would add to the mounting post. I was able to mount to the factory rack on 5th gen 4Runner for about $100. If you spread the angle pieces on the rack as far as possible you should meet GFCs recommendations.

Parts used:

  • 2x 47” 1020 black extruded aluminum (these are the same as most full length racks, hopefully future use)
  • 4x 10 series black end caps
  • 8x 45 series t nuts for m8x1.25 (have to cut down so they clamp the stock rails correctly)
  • 8x M8 stainless button heads 16mm
  • 8x 1/4-20 studs with SS nuts

12” of 2X3x1/4 6061 aluminum from fast metals. (Cut into 4x 3” sections with 3/8” holes on 2” side to mount to stock rack with M8 bolts and 1/4 holes drilled in 3” to mount to extrusion)
8x 5/16-18x2” bolts to use to mount tent to extrusion. (The ones GFC sends are to long)