Surf Pads for GFC Beef Bar?

Anyone have luck with finding surf rack pads that fit over the GFC Beer Rack crossbars? I tried the Dakine aero pads but they were too small and the Velcro wouldn’t reach around the bars.

I use the Creatures Aero Rax. It’s tight but they fit.

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Since I’m not a surfer myself, I pulled some quality insight from my boy, Ted.

“I’ve personally ran the Creatures aero - pads. I have two different sizes of the Aero Pad - Square (I run the 17” for shortboards, and the 28" for logs. Here’s my experience with them.

The first time I installed them on my truck, one flew off within week. The fit is tight, and if you are trying to install them with the beef racks already on your camper, you’re probably going to end up scraping your knuckles. Once I lost one, I decided to take the beef rack fully off and was able to get the velcro to seat nicer, and I also used two zip ties (or Titan Straps) per pad to ensure that they wouldn’t fly off. They then stayed on perfectly while I was on a trip to Baja. The only thing I had to check was the Creatures surf straps, as those tend to get a little loose with aggressive off road driving, but to be expected."

Hope this helps out.

Thanks Ted. Sounds like the Creatures pads are do-able but I’d rather not lose one or zip tie em. Creatures doesn’t provide size details on how wide their pads are (Ex. Dakine’s bar circumference is 5.5" - 8"). I ordered a random Amazon brand with a large circumference, so we’ll see how that goes.

I use a total of four 28 inch pads from Cor on two beef bars. I pulled the bars off the GFC to install and the fitment is tight but they work.

I use the Creatures of leisure pads, they have the best velcro and all of them are a very tight fit…but these stay on and work best !

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I use the front runner pads, no need to remove the bars to install/ remove. Fits perfectly.

Ended up going with the Creatures pads and they fit great. Took off the beef bars to ensure they fit snug. These pads are 10”+ in wrap diameter.

Are you still using Front Runner Rack Pads? I’m looking to get a set for my new GFC. Did you also use eye bolts on each side of the rack pads so that you can use a Front Runner Stratchit to tie your boards down? If so, can you share a link to the hardware you used? If not, can you share a link to what you’re using to tie your boards down?

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Yes. I still use the same set. I take them off when I don’t need them, since SoCal sun will blast the living shit out of them. For straps I use the thule stretch straps, no need for eyelets. You just girth hitch one end to the bar then the other goes around the board and around the bars to a hook loop. Super easy.

Thule straps-

Thanks for the info! Yeah I’m in SoCal too and would prefer to be able to easily remove the pads when not needed. I was concerned that not being able to loop one end of the strap around the end of the bar like you would on a traditional Yakima or Thule style rack would allow my boards to slide around on the bars, but sounds like that isn’t an issue.

These straps make life easy. The pads have a big enough loop ro get all the way around a beef bar, you should be good to go