TELL US! GFC Camper Shell!?

GFC, when is the reveal?


That thing is badass :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

There’s gonna be a go fast for sale once it comes that’s all I know

So, maybe I’m just not seeing it… What is better about this setup vs. a regular platform GFC? Just wondering.



GFC is expanding as a company and creating new products for their vision of their company. I’m not a rep, but I do like the products that they are making and their stand behind building and creating awesome stuff. This is probably a way for them to take their space frame concept and just make it into a super-strong camper shell. Heck even if you don’t want a GFC tent (i don’t see why you wouldn’t), this thing looks like it can handle more weight than the typical fiberglass shell’s out there for the 4 person RTT’s or other purposes the buyer might have for it. They also retained the same concept from the camper on the doors so it’s easily accessible to all your stuff. BIG WIN for GFC to come out with this!

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maybe it’s the fact that you have the option to easily remove the tent and put it on a different car while still being able to use it as a regular camper.

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Yeah, I guess. I suppose it all hinges on the person and their specific needs. The marketing pendulum continually swings back and forth between modular gizwidgets and one piece construction gizwidgets. Modular adds flexibility at the price of hassles. One piece is plug and play without hassles at the price of limited flexibility. 6 of one and a half dozen of another, IMO. I’m not seeing the big difference. Functionally, they are the same. To me, the one piece construction is best. I’m lazy AF. I love always having my tent cocked and loaded on the truck. It’s always ready. And I never have to think about where to store it. For me, the platform all in one setup is best.


Looks great. I think there are lots of people who’s use case doesn’t want/need the connection between the tent and truck bed. This allows them to have well designed cap and a tent that can be easily removed for better fuel economy, cargo carrying, etc. For me the full platform camper is ideal, but this is super cool too.

Yeah. I like the classic better too. Both the look and the usability. This is a cool option too. Not worth waiting a whole dang year for it though.

I wouldn’t say the setup itself is better, but the construction is evolved and more akin to the super pacific camper. There is no space frame, it is all riveted aluminum formed with braces like the space frame. Just depends what your needs are…

My number 1 item in the plus column for my gfc is the ability to stand up inside my truck bed and be out of the elements. Being able to get dressed and stretch “inside” in the morning makes it worth every penny. I freaking hate trying to get dressed and undressed inside a tent these days and in CO, even in the summer it can be damn cold in the mornings

I can understand why some people just want a shell and a roof top tent of their choosing though. Maybe they want one of those gigantic tents that have big awnings and rooms and space for more than two people.


It would make a great camper shelI but I want to say it’s a photo shop pic.

If you saw their recent IG chatter, they’re making a camper shell version but as always, GFC is doing some stupid long, drawn out reveal over months.


It is Jim Bob’s rig (big following on Instagram). He’s been testing the setup in the picture for a week or more, so definitely not photoshop.


Amen brother. I love the standup option.



Hey guys that’s my truck, you may remember I product tested and had the very first GFC camper, and the reason I like this set up more is that it’s modular. I don’t want or need a tent on my truck at all times and like sleeping in the bed at times my GF doesn’t come with, it’s an incredible set up!


I get it but given a choice I would choose a mainstream topper every time. They match my truck, look better, have better windows and more visibility. I can have a pass through for the dog. Most can support a RTT. Focus on speeding up your current production. Not going to take over the topper world.


To each their own, but I had a fully decked out Leer and it left much to be desired. Once I upgraded to the GFC, the side panels were a game changer and I would never go back to something smaller. Most of my big outdoor items like bouldering crash pads, big mountaineering bags, etc wouldn’t even come close to fitting in and out of my Leer windows. Now I can reach into my truck and grab anything easily, including a beer from my fridge.

Strength was another issue with my regular camper shell that I no longer have to worry about.

I’m not saying they will takeover the entire camper shell market by any means, but the build quality, strength, and versatility is way above the typical camper shell.

I couldn’t disagree more, I just sold my ARE MX that I scored for $100 on CL anticipating this. “Mainstream” toppers (I’ve had a snugtop and an ARE) are heavier, uglier (this is subjective), not nearly as well made, and have less functionality. I can now access everything at the cab wall which is where I tie down my kitchen box so I don’t have to climb inside to unlatch it and get it out and I can also now access things below my flight deck at the back without climbing in. But a big thing for me is weight and looks and this beats out my old toppers by a longshot plus both other toppers screwed up my bed sides overtime because they loosen up over long hard offroad miles.


This may be a no brainier, just a different top on the same platform but just not for me. Options are good.