TELL US! GFC Camper Shell!?

I think we can all agree that price will play a huge factor in the decision to switch over. This will also open the market to people who don’t want to spend 7k on a full gfc. But seeing the price of their rtt is about $4200 this would lead me to believe that the camper will be a sub 2k product hopefully.

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I’m going to bet this new topper will be north of 3K.

Looks like a great product. They can now reach an audience that isn’t even interested in an rtt. If I was looking for a camper shell of some sort I think I would go this route but I would not put a rtt on it.


Hey @GFC_Taylor - You guys planning to have the Platform camper inherit the updated panels seen on the new Camper shell?

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Camper shell? Sounds cool! :thinking: