Tent insulation

Wouldn’t it be nice if GFC offered something similar to this? Maybe a little less expensive though.:slightly_smiling_face:


$180 is pretty reasonable…otherwise, I agree


That is pretty cool. I would definitively spend the money and upgrade if it was an option.

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Would the thicker materiel add to the thickness of the camper? GFC is set on being the smallest RTT in the bizz!

I doubt gfc will get around to making that anytime in the near or distant future. I bet for the right price @strawfoot could custom make it.

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Lol! at $225 for a rear window cover I don’t think a custom solution from strawfoot will be very economical. Rather spend $700 on a propex heater.


Has anyone found a compatible insulation liner for the tent portion on the camper? I feel like the track system could be utilized to hang insulation.

I owned the tepui version, and it was a game-changer in cold weather. It blocked wind drifts and retained heat well. It even helped keep me cool in the summer. I’d be willing to pay a premium for a similar product on the GFC. Maybe I’ll learn how to sew…


I’m yet to pick up my GFC, but I was hoping I’d be able to rig some type of tent insulation using the track system. Start by mocking up moving blankets and grommets and some type of cam on the track system, then potentially used sleeping bags, etc.

I’d easily pay $180 or (substantially) more for professional insulation options, being based out of Colorado.


Agreed!! Being up in central BC and planning to use my camper for ski touring base camps. That professional insulation kit would be a game changer. If I only knew how to sew.


Go to 4:10 on the video. This is exactly what I’m looking for…


This is the material they use. I don’t think it would be too hard of a project. I’ll just need to find the time.


Does anyone know if the dimensions of the tent area differ by vehicle platform (tacoma, gladiator, etc)? Or do the tent area dimensions only differ on standard vs XL campers?

Seems like if the tent areas are the same across platforms it would be pretty easy to justify producing two insulation packages?

Just two I believe, standard & full size. The frames are what are custom configured to each vehicle type.

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Maybe when @desertrat gets back from fire season he could look into this. I know he was planning on starting to make frame packs but this may be a good way to start out in the GFC accessory business.

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I wonder if any of these existing insulation kits would fit with some mods…

I’m starting to prepare for the winter.

I have a great Canvas upholster that I work with who said he wouldn’t mind helping me make a cover. Any idea what the material used is? and where it can be purchased by the roll?

I’ve seen 2 types of tent insulation.

  1. that goes on the inside and looks like a blanket like the Tepui pictured above.
  2. looks like a reflective space blanket and goes on the outside the tent.

If we can figure out the best way to do it I’ll try to convince him to make a production kit for anyone interested.


I’m very interested in what you come up with. I’ve not heard about adding insulation externally but that sounds intriguing. Seattle Fabrics has gotten a lot of recommendations so maybe look at them:


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I might be in depending on price. That’s 1 of the reasons I was considering Snap!outfitters until they jacked their prices through the roof


I am in the musing stage of sewing my own using this stuuf


I’ve considered attempting to prototype with moving blankets before purchasing something like @gwiz posted -" 60" Prequilted Insulation 8 Ounce Batting @ $15.95/ Linear Yard".

I’m thinking three pieces of insulation. One for each tent side. On the top, using " DOT® Twist‑Lock Fastener 2‑Hole Screw Stud (Nickel‑Plated Brass)" to connect the insulation to the interior railing of the V2. Using1" strip of Velcro to connect the three pieces, and again along the bottom near the bed cushions.

I would 100% be interested in a production kit (for an XL).

I’m locked in on this. Excited to see how it turns out.

Blockquote Hi everyone! I’m a GFC v2 owner living in the Vail valley of Colorado. We own and operate a professional cut n sew shop here. I have tasked our production manager with making a prototype of this very product. We will post pics by end of next week.
I do have a couple of questions for our group…

  • venting
  • door access (one side, both sides or just thru the floor)
  • leave the insulation installed between use or store in a stuff sack between uses (remembering that there is a 1.25" space between roof and mattress)
  • Quilted poly fabric (like in the photo) or quilted fabric plus a layer of thinsulate (a product that adds expense but works extremely well)
  • Color choice

We will offer a good discount to a couple of GFC v2 owners who would like to demo our finished product. Please DM me if you are interested.

We are excited to offer this and a couple of other products that are designed specifically for our GFC’s!!!

To be continued…