The All New Spring Pin

What are your guys’ thoughts on the all new spring pin? I’m torn as I live in Portland, OR and like the idea of the locks, but also doubt 99% of people would go popping the tent portion and climb in below to steal… But at the same time, they easily could. I pick up my camper in June.

I like the pins. I think most won’t know what to make of it or how to open it. Also coming from the security side. Picking locks is not that hard if you have time, practice and are determined. It’s not a quick smash and grab which is what most thefts are.

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@tenchi64 I’d tend to agree, I think I’d rather have efficiency of setup and a guarantee it’ll last rather than those cheesy locks. I have them on my RTT currently and they are a pretty lackluster form of security altogether.

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I also live in PDX and was super bummed to see that they had gotten rid of the locks when I picked up my camper. I have found that because the GFC latches are custom to the campers and super well integrated, it’s hard to tell they even are latches that allow the top to pop up. That being said I definitely am very worried about waking up on morning to see my camper top popped and too find someone sleeping in the camper lol. I also had a hard sided rooftop tent that weighed 300 lbs stolen off a rack on the back of my truck before I got the gfc. I was sure that it would be to heavy to steal, and while I did use a bike u lock to lock to the rack when I wasn’t driving, I forgot it for a night and boom, tent gone. All that is too say that while the tent portion not locking isn’t the end of the world, it’s definitely something to worry about especially in PDX. I really wish GFC would just drill a second hole under the pin hole to you could run a pad lock through. Seems like a super simple solution to the problem.

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Hey, super bummer about the previous tent getting jacked I also live in Portland and that was one of my fears when I had a CVT tent on my vehicle. I was also upset for a min when I picked up my Camper but after seeing and chatting with users getting locked out of the previous pin locks I was ok without that grief. Did you see users using this lock instead? V2 Tent Lock Failure - #39 by CameraTech seems to be an alternative to what GFC used to use

I’m in Portland as well. It did cros my mind but I think most of the thieves here are probably not smart enough to know that the top opens up to a camper. I’d be more worried about them prying open the side or rear panels. If someone wants in bad enough they’ll get in. Also I think GFC stopped the locks because of a shortage in that particular lock. Plus most of them were failing.


It would be easier to pry open the panels than to defeat the locks to pop the tent. Just saying.

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I don’t live in a dump so YMMV. But, I’m camper #43 - I have never worried about not being able to lock my tent. If someone is that determined to get in - locking the tent is the least of your worries.

This is funny - my post got flagged. I’m surprised that so many people got their panties in a twist.


Portland and San Francisco are the same in that it doesn’t matter how secure your vehicle is if it’s on the street some homeless guy will find a way in so they can OD and shit everywhere. There’s some places you just don’t leave nice stuff.

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Agreed. I am thinking the new spring pin is more of an upgrade. If someone is smart enough to break in through the top, power to them I guess.

Literally LOL’d, as someone who has lived in both PDX and SF. Though Denver is not world’s better…


i too live in pdx. my gfc v2 was built in march '21 and installed in may '21. it had the pin locks and they busted on me while on the road and the tent wouldn’t even open, so maybe it’s a good thing gfc isn’t using them anymore — i had driven hard on about 40 miles of rough washboard the day before. luckily the next day i landed at a buddy’s spot who had some tools to pop out the lock then drill a hole through the latch to use tractor pins to keep them from opening.

later i added a lock and this what i used:

i offset the spacing of the hasps so that the padlock can still run through them but it doesn’t have room to move around while driving. been meaning to put a little clear silicone caulking in the t-nuts just to make one more step if someone wants to get in.


excellent idea, Thank YOU !

Hey Everyone - We actually have a solution to this in-house, and I’m working on posting this to our website for anyone interested in adding a lock to their latches. Before rushing into one of the suggestions above, give me a quick moment to compile all the info you fine people need and we can go from there.

As of August 11th last year, we’ve added the lock holes to all production units. I’ll follow up here with more info shortly, so thanks for your patience!


Hey Everyone - Here’s a helpful how-to guide for those looking to add a locking solution. The Reese Towpower lock is what works best with this setup. Feel free to send me any questions you might have. Enjoy!


@Thayne Need that billet key holder :sweat_smile: be good for tying down my 270 awning

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Look no further, that’s our 90 degree bracket. :pinched_fingers:


Hey @GFC @Thayne is the spring pin gonna be an option to retrofit on older camper models? I’ve got a V2 and I’d love to ditch the locks and just run the pins instead. Thanks!

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Hey @bonesaw - No doubt, and it’s a ridiculously easy process that requires some quick wrenchin’ and Locktite 242. Give our support team a quick email at and they’ll get you squared away with a pair.

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