The Floor is Lava in Blake's '21 F150

After 2 years of different configurations, I’ve learned I like the bed of my truck as free as possible for hauling, lounging, and sleeping when i don’t want to pop the tent. Here’s what I’ve done so far to keep stuff up off the floor.

  1. aftermarket molle panels for heavy things… builtright industries and underland offroad
  2. DIY ceiling-mounted table tray made of 3/8" plywood w/ webbing molle sheet underneath
  3. DIY trim channel mounting bracket on top and bottom camper tubes w/ rivnuts
  4. DIY gear panels made of standard retail display grid, cut slightly to fit and mounted on trim channel from (3). Attach things facing bed or facing panels.

I purchased most materials at hardware stores or online. You can find good deals on used retail gridpanels on fb marketplace or craigslist. To attach things I make 1" webbing or cable straps cut to length. Pics to show bed in normal use and closeups on the additions.

I can post more about the chinese battery box I modified if people are interested. My favorite part about adding all this stuff has been doing it on city streets w/out a garage. The F150’s onboard 2kw generator makes anywhere angle grinding a possibility :joy:

Happy mounting!


Love this. I’m also a big fan of having at least one side of my bed floor open. I often leave the top closed up and just sleep downstairs - all depends on location and conditions outside.

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Awesome post. I have a single cab small truck and am always looking for ways to get things off the bed/out of the way. Have had a ceiling mounted table in mind for quite a while.

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