What have you done to your GFC this week

i recently installed the splash guard post rain so i don’t have any experience with it yet. i am still awaiting bits and pieces to complete the diesel heater install. so far i rerouted my camper power from driver to passenger side and figured a temp solution for the fuel tank. it will be inside for now…

Installed some recessed-ish Baja Designs S2 Pros for chase lights. No wires showing and only protruding .4”.

Also threw on my Starlink Mount.


Wow, how did you do that with the s2 pros, if you dont mind me asking? That is so clean!

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Agreed , extremely clean nice installation
I’m also on the bandwagon for a little more detail and photographs
Thx for the post

@Medicfung @TPSJ Thanks for the kudos. I just posted a write-up for you guys here.


Just finished making these side panels out of retail gridwall display. Really solid and opens up a lot more vertical storage possibility. More details here.


Do these side panels open up for access from the exterior of the vehicle? Or are they fixed? I was thinking of doing something similar to the ceiling for a “molle”-type mounting system. Pretty cool.

they do not. i thought about hinges; maybe in the future. i basically never used those side panels for access. but now i can put things on both sides so maybe more reason to open them?

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Installed our Martin Offroad rack! Complete with Kitty Helper. :heart_eyes_cat:


Mounted an OVS Nomadic LT with the billet style awning mounts. I had to alter the mounts because they weren’t tall enough to match up with the OVS mounting track.

Homestly, it was really annoying. If I had paid retail for the mounts I would have been pissed, but I got a good deal on the classifieds. I also identified the potential issue before I paid, so it’s on me as well.

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I’d be interested in seeing how you mounted those and routed cables

Here is a writeup. For wiring everything is tucked behind the t-track inside the extrusion. To get the wiring into the GFC I just drilled a hole from the backside into the extrusion.

modified a $15 amazon seatback molle thing into a bag to hang my starlink dishy for quick access to put on one of @keeganbuilds mounts.

gotta fill these gridwalls up with something :man_shrugging:


That’s awesome!

Hi looks good, I am thinking of getting one of these roof racks for Martin. What truck do you have?
what about drilling holes in the roof they are complicated.? thanks

Clean setup. I made a pretty crude case out of three Foam Kneeling Pads from Home Depot. I like your approach a lot better.

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Hi, we have a double cab short bed Tacoma.
We didn’t have to drill any holes in the truck. When you peel back the weather stripping on either side of the cab, there are points in that ‘rain gutter-looking section’ that are actually places you can screw the fastener bolts into and secure the rack.
I’ll find the instructions and post in a sec

So here are the instructions for the Foundation Camper Rack:
@gmartin284 sent me this info for our short bed camper install (super helpful and responsive)
“Camper Rack will follow these same exact steps while only utilizing the front (6) mount locations along the cab, rather than all (10) for the full length rack…”

went camping by the river and woke up in the river.
we were at this spot before and we knew where we were was safe: there’s a “wall” just a bit over that blocks the current and the water is just slow moving overflow


not GFC, but hit a bird on the way to work the other day and it knocked out the “toyota” letters in my grille lol

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