Traction Boards

Ok, I did a search and couldn’t find a definitive answer.

I see that people have used the universal bracket for this application. Cost doesn’t make sense for me using them just for some boards. Has anyone made something themselves that work? Any in the bed solutions that work?

Thanks in advanced!

I have an RTT, so no in-bed solution, but I used an 80/20 rail with a Prinsu maxtrax mount.

I don’t remember the exact cost, but it was less than $100 for everything.


Oh that looks awesome. You made your own rack and everything. What’s the side piece you have that bolted it to the extrusion?

Yeah pretty much.

You can get 80/20 parts from multiple vendors, but I’ve found that tnutz was the fastest and most consistent. The side piece you’re asking is an end plate, which can also be found on tnutz.

Here’s a parts list:

  • (x1) 10 Series 1x2 bar (don’t recall the length). Ends tapped for 1/4.
  • (x2) 6 hole end plate
  • (x4) Stainless 1/4 bolts and washers
  • (x4) GFC T-Nuts
  • (x1) Prinsu Maxtrax Mount

Things to note:

  • Get access holes pre-drilled. Allows for easier accessory install (don’t have to mount and dismount), and it allows for any water build up to be drained.
  • Make sure to use decent hardware (Stainless)
  • Get 1/4 GFC tnuts, not 10/32.

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  • Maxtrax mounting pins
  • Fender washers
  • cardboard to make a stencil
  • gas struts from a camper one size up (ask customer service)