Translucent roof questions

I’m trying to think of a way to cover the roof so sun doesn’t come in.(Besides a sleeping mask) has anyone found a way to make it dark ? Thanks !:+1:

@GainzGFC and I added some short hair indoor/outdoor carpet to the inside. Made the environment inside amazing and helps to insulate/ decrease condensation


I have three solar panels that make it much darker in there. Not the same goal as what you’re after, but it had the side effect you’re looking for.

Nice what did u use to stick it ?

All the info here


Nice I’ll check it out thanks

Seeing how “blackout” tents are becoming increasingly popular, especially camping with toddlers. Maybe GFC will introduce a blackout version with new roof panel and fully opaque tent fabric? :thinking:

I don’t mind the bright interior but it’s always easier to make a dark interior lighter vs darkening a bright room. Some of the best night I ever had In the GFC were when I was using my Reflectix tent walls. I also have another piece that Velcros onto the roof where the solar doesn’t cover. It Makes a huge difference, not blackout but close.

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Totally agree. I slept amazing in my CVT Mt Hood. Could black out that sucker in full day light!

Nice! U have any pics of the piece that velcros onto the roof ?

@Reece I don’t have one of it installed but you can see the white Velcro where it attaches to block the light in the area circled in red. I get some light coming in on the sides of the solar panel but I might seal that off with aluminum tape.

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