Traveling with your dogs in the canopy

Looking to see if anyone has a great idea on keeping dogs in the back while traveling and keeping it cool enough even in the summer months. I found an AC unit, but it’s very expensive.

It’s been discussed to some extent here. But I don’t think anyone has come up with any solid solution aside from cutting holes in the panels for vents, which voids your warranty. However theres a few builds on here where people have come up with cable systems to keep the panels open partially when parked, don’t think you could do that while driving though. Good luck, and if you find a solution let me know!

I’ve looked high and low. The one option is very expensive. Maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet and get this.

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Oof… that’s a pretty hefty solution. Ive toyed around with the idea of just piping an ac vent to the rear from the interior. Just connecting a tube to a rear under seat vent and running enough AC back in the rear. But it would require cutting into the cab/bed and likely wouldn’t be cool enough once it got to the back. But still, maybe cool enough to keep my pup happy enough.

Im thinking I’ll start a separate fund for the unit and buy it eventually. Would totally keep them cool enough in the NW summer months.