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Hey All,

Announcing a new company I started making GFC accessories. I am a engineer in Bozeman and saw that there were a few products missing that I could help with.

Currently making a lock kit that will be shipping starting in the next week or two for the first batch, and likely 4 weeks out from having a bunch more in inventory to send out.

I am also finishing up the design on a lighting kit. The pictures only show three lights “downstairs” but there will be a rear panel light to light up the tailgate area on the production model.

The lights attach just above the stiffener on all of the operable panels, and across the bottom of the front fixed panel. You can mount the lights inside the tube frame on the bottom of the tent as well, but in testing the panel lights work much better. There are also two lights like the old school GFC upstairs original lighting kit.

The kit will fit all GFC models, and come with all the cable ties to complete the install. There is a separate dimmer for the upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits, and the lights can be switched between red and warm white. Both colors are dimmable. Power draw at max brightness (very bright) is ~3 amps at 12V.

Those should be ready to ship middle of august.

I can answer any questions you might have.


Here are some more light kit images. The forum is only letting me post one at a time, so sorry for the multiple posts.


And this angle shows the throw from the side panel light position. Helps with general camp lighting which is nice.

Awesome Chuck. What is the mounting hardware needed from GFC for the lock?

I ordered a set of locks and am part of his production run, so I haven’t received mine yet. But the locks are suppose to include everything that you need to mount them onto the GFC.

yup, @anon72572904 is correct. It comes with all required GFC T-nuts and mounting hardware for installation. Trying to make everything from turnkey.


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Great ideas - removable bug screens for the sides next???

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A bug net would be sweet!! Ive seen the ones some users here are making, but im no seamstress !!
A ready to go out of the would be great!!

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Lol Chuck is an engineer not a seamstress :slight_smile:

A bug screen would be nice though… I am still jealous I wasn’t able to get on the first run of lights!


Lights look awesome ! Definitely want to scoop some when you have some available

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Reach out to he can make you some bug nets fo sho’!

@Chuck Can you detail the difference between your LED kits vs. and for 2x the price? Just curious? At first glance they seem very similar.

The MattGecko kit is just LED strips, I believe the kit seen here has solid IP67 rated housings around all the LED strips, so its more like a bar than an adhesive strip. I am sure there are other differences, that is just the one I have physically seen that stands out.

Not twice the price. Matt gecko lights $255 vs Chucks light kit $375. If you have a full-size Tundra then Matt gecko lights are $300

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I have not used or seen the gecko lights, but it seems like a good product.

The truckparts lights are a metal housing, so its actually a solid physical light bar instead of the flexible adhesive back lighting strip. The light bars and wiring are also IP67 rated, so you can still pressure wash the interior of your camper. It should be noted that it is always best to avoid directing water pressure on electronic equipment, but this will survive that kind of splashdown scenario.

The red and white lights are built into the same bar, so there is only one physical light to display the two colors so the packaging is minimized. The lights are also not a color selectable RGB LED, but individually dedicated colors. The white is truly a warm white.

I am personally really sensitive to very cold color LEDs, especially when outside coming from a dark environment into much brighter light. So I wanted the kit to have a warm tone in addition to the red mode (which not only helps with night vision but bugs) and the entire system is connected on two separate dimmers to really dial in the brightness.

The lighting kit also comes with four lights in the downstairs portion of the camper (one for each opening panel and one for the front fixed floor panel), in addition to the two sleeping area lights.

It is more expensive than flexible LED alternatives, so if you are looking for the bang for the buck option, this may not be it depending on your use case.


Any idea when the next round of your lights will be stocked?

Slated to arrive early august. Waiting until they are in stock to sell them, and have someone testing the prototype for the next month to make sure I don’t wan’t to change anything.


Put me down on the wait list! Build #798 I have the geko lights good product to dollar value however I am partial to high end equipment…bad habit lol

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Thanks for the detailed response, sounds legit!!