Tucson/Southwest Meetup?

Just reaching out to see who’s located in the SW region and interested in meeting up! We can camp, we can climb, or just hangout at camp and make fun of the guys who drink sours!

Pictures because my dopamine system craves peer affirmation.


I’m located in Phoenix. I’m down for any weekend trip. Preferably to higher elevations since it’s getting to be that time of year :fire:

I’ll be in the Cave Creek area most of February and March (2024); anyone interested in some desert camping? KOFA has been on my radar for a while…


Tucson here! I pick up my camper next week. I’m down for a meet up just let me know! Would love to meet and get out on some trails.

We’d like to stay in the loop for this one. We will be in the south west throughout most of the beginning of next year. If timing lines up it would be great to attend another meet up.

@Mike_GFCUSA know any shops in AZ that might host?

We’d make the trip we have one to AZ slated for the first weekend in February.

If I had to throw a party at any shop I would definitely throw it with the dudes at River Outdoors in Phoenix. They have a rad space, do rad work and are rad dudes and they have aGFC of their own that you can rent on their Ranger.

If I had to keep it in Tucson I am not sure if there is a “shop” I would use. Most of the ones I used to know are now gone and there aren’t many that aren’t just another 4WP.


Sonoran Rovers is a pretty rad shop. I’d be willing to bet they’d host. Also, November 11th Summit Hut has an Overlander meetup and show. I wish I’d have my camper by then but I still may swing by to check out the rigs there. OLC 4x4 is another shop out in Patagonia that builds up primarily LandCruisers. But I agree, Tucson needs a good solid shop. Desert Rat seems to be our best option as of now. I’d happily make the trip to Phoenix though for a meetup.

Hello - I’m considering purchasing a GFC camper for my Colorado truck. I was wondering if anyone in would be willing to meet up to show off their rigs. I love the concept but I’m concerned it won’t meet my needs. I’m very short and I fear I won’t be able to climb up into the tent or close it without assistance. If you are concerned about meeting up with a stranger, we can zoom call prior or pick a group event like cars and coffee. I’m in Central Phoenix but I’d be willing to take a trip down to Tucson as well if it means I can see one in person. :slight_smile:

In case you hadn’t seen these, there are accessories designed to assist getting into the tent and to help closing the tent.

Getting in: The Step Up from @jedgar

You can also use stuff in the bed, like a fridge or platform.

The tent pull down kit from GFC
Jedgar approach to this

Still I think your approach is best, see one in person. That’s what sold me. I got to see one in Santa Monica and that in-person view answered almost all my questions. I think I sat in the tent for one full minute before my mind was made.


I’m happy to show it off if you want to come to Tucson. I pick it up on the 13th so we can link up sometime after that, no problem. Or if we ever get a meet together then you can see multiple!

That would be great!

Second that River Outoors suggestion in PHX… they are legit

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im in socal but i’m down to make the trip out to phx for a weekend.
i cross the river to stock up on some goodies lol

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Talked to River Outdoors today about doing a lift on my Tacoma. Great guy and super helpful. I’d imagine he’d be willing to host a meet up for sure. Maybe sometime in December? Would the SW crew be willing to meet up sometime then? Maybe a meet up and then head out for an overnight?

I won’t have my GFC in time for Dec meet up but there is a pretty big meetup on the second Saturday of every month at Wescott Designs. I’ll be there with my tundra and GFC in Jan!