Typical time for model to be supported

I have a 2022 Tacoma, which is in the “Testing Fit” stage on https://gofastcampers.com/blogs/manufacturing-updates/supported-models. It seems like this is the last stage before the model is officially supported. Anyone have experience with how long models typically stay in this stage, especially since the 2022 Tacoma is similar to the 2021 Tacoma?

It’ll be a very quick turnaround. Like 80% of campers go on Tacomas. I bet they just need one in the shop to confirm Toyota didn’t do anything funky like add a taller shark fin antenna.

Thanks, I assumed it would be officially supported soon, just wanted to make sure.

On a related note, does anyone have an idea what recent full wait times have been (i.e. from time to deposit to time to installation).

From Camper Leaderboard - GoFastCampers, there are about 40 campers each week and ~500 orders in pre-production. So I was thinking it would be about 500 / 40 = 12.5 weeks to get your order into production, and then a couple weeks of production, so you could get it installed maybe 15 weeks after deposit? Just wanted to make sure this aligned with peoples’ recent experiences, i.e. for popular models you can expect to have an installation in maybe 4 - 6 months, not 12 months.

Per the GFC website: “Orders placed today will be ready in February.” When I bought my camper their estimate was accurate.

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You can also buy build spots that folks list in the marketplace to speed things up. I was originally 235x for Nov/Dec and then bought a summer spot, have had my GFC since August. There’s a sticky in the marketplace about it. Looking forward to seeing a GFC on a '22

There was a thread with people posting timlines from order to install, but haven’t seen it updated in a while: Production Timeline Records.

I’m build 2327, heading up for install on my 3rd Gen Tacoma DCSB on 11/12. I ordered at the end of April and production timelines have shortened since then.

It’s been 8+ months for me. I’m build 2007 for 6’ bed Frontier. I’m beyond furious. Gave them my truck specs back in February and still no word. They keep skipping or other models cutting ahead of mine every time it gets close on the list. I see them building campers for hundreds of people that are AFTER me.

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2 weeks before my build date they rolled out the V2 and I was pushed back to july. 427 days after initial deposit it was finally installed. I hope you don’t need to wait that long. they are catching up to fairly quickly, not go fast at all, but it is the cheapest wedge camper on the market. your expectations should reflect that

EDIT: once as they start working on a specific model, it is quick to market. I got a call while still in the fitting stage before the list was updated

For timing, I’m impressed. Put in my deposit right after the Loveland CO outdoor expo, so end of August. Filled out my build specs last week, and got a call yesterday to confirm specs and scheduled for mid December. The range for pickup was early December to mid March. This is for a 2nd gen DCSB taco.

@D40 That sucks! I hope they can get you in and sorted this year.

Holy crap 427 days? Did they notify you?

Thanks. Looks like they just skipped my truck again on the list

that was the only time I ever talked to anybody at GFC on the phone. At V2 roll out I was originally told May build and that turned into a July build