V1 upgrade package

Just got an email with this in it…

“We’re excited to announce that we will be coming out with an amazing V1 upgrade package in the future, and we will reach out when that is ready.”

I am stoked that they re going to offer something like this. Easily removable panels, and the ability to latch from the inside and I am in!

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Very happy to see that. Kind of figured they would lol.

I have not received that email, although I did get an email stating I was getting the V2, then a second email soon after saying I was sent that accidentally and am getting the V1.

Big things im looking at are the internal opening mechanisms, better water intrusion seals, and the constant tent fabric seal all around.

Anything more in that email or was that it? I have the v1 and need to get my panels upgraded. Wondering if a summer trip to GFC hq would workout for a retrofit/upgrade

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Was that all that was in the email?

Perhaps my complaining on the forum about not being in the loop has assured that I will be kept out of the loop.

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Stupid you thought using the sign up for updates link would sign you up for updates. Who knows what that button actually does?


Hey @GFC_Taylor It’d be nice to know what’s in this v1 upgrade option for those of us who have a v1 and are thinking about putting down a depost on the v2 model. Any info you can divulge on what this entails?

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@86pnthr I would guess it has to do with people that have the V1 now, and not for prospective buyers for the future…

I read it as he has a camper now and was thinking of upgrading to V2, but if the upgrade kit was comprehensive enough it may not be worth it. Thats what I am curious about as well.


I must have missed that. Sorry @86pnthr

Really glad to hear about the V1 upgrade package, sure hoping it is comprehensive too. I just got my camper in early December, but man does the V2 look like a nice upgrade.

I would be most interested in knowing if the Upgrade package would include something for the tent interface? Is it that big of a problem on V1s? Haven’t picked mine up yet.

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That’s what I want to know- what will be offered as an upgrade. I love the lock on the tent, being able to secure yourself inside the lower section, SNAPS ARE GONE! I’m happy to see all of these improvements to an already awesome product. But, a little jealous of our V2 brethren. Also curious of the price point on an upgrade package…


Hope it included the new awning mount brackets so I can use with my v1 embassy hinges

So far the only plus in my eyes is the ability to easily remove panels. I love my space frame, and I’ve never had a problem closing and opening my doors from up in my tent or down in the bed. I would be jealous if they came out with a super advanced fabric that prevents condensation tho…


I’m with you on loving the space frame. The tubular steel gives such a cool off roader look. Not a lot of Ultra 4 chassis made of bolted aluminum :thinking: That being said I think the new one looks killer too.

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They should’ve made the camper length longer like Super Pacific so no more removing anything when you want to go down to the truck bed.


@GFC_Taylor @GFC_Taylor @GFC_Taylor

No need to bug Taylor with this question. Graham said Tuesday on the GFC Instagram live feed that details on the upgrade kit would be announced sometime in the future.

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This! I strongly agree!

Sometime in the future is very unhelpful. For example, I need hinges to be replaced on my camper (proactive, no failure just yet).

When should I plan that trip? I’d like to not go twice if the upgrade package is compelling. For that matter, what is even in the upgrade package?