V1 upgrade package

Great question!! I would also like to know as well. On the Instagram live Tuesday that was the one question everybody kept asking along with what it would entail. Graham kept saying sometime in the future and no details of what it would entail. He just kept saying it was in the works and details will be released in the future.

Same, I have the old hinges and would like to hopefully do both upgrades at once. I sent CS an e-mail yesterday.

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I definitely would not mind planning a trip to Montana in the summer…

Upgrade my hinges and rid me of the snaps and I say we’re good… I installed the gasket on the upper along the snaps… seemed to help a lot for the bugs… still got some gaps tho, don’t see any other reason to rid me of my camper that’s only a year old now for the new new… but I guess some folks just got to have the bells and whistles… I’ll be waiting patiently for the announcement.


I concur 100%. This is what I want too. I’ll take the rear indoor releases too but less of a big deal

For anyone who didn’t get this email. Looks like there will be no upgrade kit in the way we were thinking about it and rather just support and parts for V1.

The email content:


Last week you may have received an email from us that referred to a v1 upgrade kit.

Well, we have some explaining to do. We had a miscommunication in our meeting regarding continued v1 support and an email was drafted that was not reviewed, which shouldn’t have really been called an upgrade kit. Let’s jump into that a little further.

At GFC you know we are focused on continuous improvement in every possible way. Because we manufacture in the USA, it allows us to test new concepts and prototype quickly and continue to push the envelope of design and domestic manufacturing. And we take advantage of that ethos, and usually innovate at a pretty quick rate.

*But that doesn’t mean that we are moving so fast that we are going to forget about you guys. You are the folks who have been with us the longest and enabled us to launch new products. So we want to announce a program that shows that because you’ve had our back, we will continue to have yours. *

Here is what that means.

In addition to programs like the PIT tour with the embassy hinge update for all v1 campers, we are rolling out some additional programs to make sure your v1 camper stays dialed for the long haul.

Summertime Meet Up / Product Refresher Packages

We have been scheming on a Montana meet up for a really long time, and were about to pull the trigger before Covid hit. Now that there is light at the end of the tunnel here, once we are cleared for events we are going to plan the first owners rally. Not only will it be a chance to meet all of you guys, we are planning to offer a service week leading up to the rally where we can refresh campers for you guys at our cost. While your camper probably doesn’t need anything now, this program is intended to continue so that if you need a reseal in ten years you can have an extra reason to come hang out.

Replacement Parts Added to the Site

While we have offered replacement parts to those who have reached out, we have never advertised those publicly. We are going to have all service items added to the site in the coming weeks and even larger components like replacement tent fabric.

Tent Update Discount for V1 Customer

A lot of you have been patient with us in releasing replacement or updated tents for V1 campers. We have been putting a bunch of work into scaling our fabric production line and now have the bandwidth to begin supporting you guys with replacement fabric. On top of that, we are going to give you a set discounted price of $695(normally $1,050) for double tent side doors and $495 ($750) for standard on one replacement tent whenever you need it, whether you’re looking to make the switch now or in a couple of years.

** one-time discount will simply be tied to your unit number*

What’s next for V1?

A lot of you guys might have noticed that the embassy hinge (the metal hinge update from the previous polyolefin design) is also used on the v2. It was actually designed for the V2 camper in the first place but once we realized the design improvements it was immediately determined that retrofitting it into v1 was critically important.

Why are we telling you about this? Well, new technology trickles down. And it’s not just from v2 to v1, but even from the Superlite to the v1 camper, and very likely from the v3 as well.

If you have any questions for us, please reach out. We are happy to clarify anything you need.
Team GFC


thanks, we have not received that email. interesting

I got that and it’s super upsetting honestly. Especially with how damn close some of us were to the cut off.

I would’ve loved to be pushed back however long to bt moved to V2.

Great, thanks for sharing. Did you have to slip them an extra $20 to get on the mailing list or is there some kind of secret handshake that I missed when I picked up my camper in 2019?


Seriously. Disappointment on a lot of fronts

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I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.



Heh. I have been getting emails but they have the wrong name on them and I don’t dare correct it for fear of getting off the list

Also, while I shared this email in case people didn’t get it, I am beyond happy with my V1 and totally get why they’d want to 100% focus on their new product. I think doing that while supporting your older product for parts/service is the right path.

I was excited to see what they’d offer, but if they had never mentioned the “upgrade” I’d have never expected them to offer something like that. More of a messaging problem than anything else.


Right. V1 and V2 are functionally identical. There are a few new features with the V2. I hope the new V2 has zero bugs that come to light and need to be worked out. If there are, I feel certain that GFC will be just as awesome as they have been with V1. I am very happy with my V1 except for the hinges. Plan to get them replaced in Montana in March. I’m mildly paranoid mine will fail at a terrible time. Looking forward to the possibility of an aftermarket rear door locking mechanism as well. If that comes to fruition, I’ll have a perfect GFC. But, full disclosure, I’m that guy who’s ok with my old 2019 tacoma without all the critical upgrades and features of the 2021… hehe



V1 for life (especially after I get the embassy hinges). Price we pay for early adoption but seems like they’re looking out for us


Call me crazy but I would rather see them getting me new hinges before even releasing the v2. That is what chaps my hide the most. And if you are going to release a new version and leave the prior version in the field with a known and unpredictable failure, then the least you could do is make sure some of the features are upgradeable/backwards compatible from the new version.

I’d like to have a tent that is properly sealed and some locking rear door action even if I have to pay for said upgrade.


There are a lot of aftermarket additions/purchases that you can make (which are thoroughly discussed on this site and others) that will allow you to achieve this objective.


The big two that seem to be talked about the most are the continuous seal for the tent, and the locks for the rear hatch.

Those are the big ones that most want. I don’t think it would be too difficult to make the locks for V1’s, but I don’t know for sure. I’m in finance not engineering.

As for the tent, idk how that would get accomplished honestly. However I feel as though it could be possible.

Not sure if I missed something. A month ago…the V1 was epic…people who had high number start dates were buying lower #'s to move up their build…all sorts of cool mods being broadcast on the interwebs. The known issue, the hinge, was a free upgrade to you (via the PIT or making an appointment in MT), and GFC worked extremely hard to back their product.

Now people are demanding that GFC “owe” them something, are pissed, unhappy, disappointed etc that they have a V1 and…

Sorry I just dont get it. GFC is standing behind everything that you purchased. As a company, they are absolutely entitled to move forward, innovate, create and build new products. When you buy a product from any solid company, you should know this. GFC 100% backs the product that you buy. GFC V1’s are in high demand still, you are welcome to sell it and get back in line. However, I feel like the same people freaking out will buy a V2, only to have the V3 come out right after they pickup their V2 and have the same freakout.

You have an awesome product backed by an awesome company. Enjoy the outdoors. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most of us like to tinker and obsess over the small gadgets and mods we can make. Dont forget the big picture here. Great company…great product which helps us all enjoy what we love.


It’s not about the gear, it’s about the memories made…