V2 Security Mods?

Has anyone worked on security mods for their v2 campers? I pick up my V2 in a few months but so far here in the PNW I’ve had rotten luck with stuff being stolen from my truck. I ordered the windows on mine before realizing that they attract more attention and curiosity as to what’s inside and are a potential security vulnerability. Hence I intend to travel light and not have much in the back, but I was interested in some of the mods to this V1 camper particularly in mods that help secure the sides and back from being proved open as easily. I realize that this is not a super secure camper but if I can do something to mod from inside the camper to make the panels harder to open.


I moved my rear facing Blackvue dashcam in to the camper in a position that I can capture anyone looking in the rear window, trying to break the window, or enter the camper through any of the panels. As it has a motion sensing capability, I do get images of people walking too closely to the window or looking in through the window.

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Hey, what did you end up doing for security? I live in Portland and would like to figure out some sort of deterrent for the smash-n-grab crowd.