V2 Tent Lock Failure

I would just question the cost of that part… probably not cheap

I have access to metal 3D printers and CNC’s :wink:. But true I don’t like voiding anything but its not worth anything if you can’t use it.

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I also found those locks on amazon. They’re about $10 for a pair with keys. Im not sure if they just thread into the tent, but might make sense to carry a couple spares until GFC can come up with a better fix?

Hey all,

There are two different lock categories being discussed here, the panel locks (in the latch) and the upper assembly locks. Since we are on the topic, I will address both

Panel locks. This is the same lock we have used since v1, and they have worked well historically with no recent changes for us to think that our recent supply has had any issues. These locks need to be serviced/lubricated if they start to get sticky just like any other lock cylinder that is exposed to the elements.

Upper assembly locks are new to the V2, and they simply bolt through a hole in the corner assembly. Really simple to swap and install. They are similar to a vending machine style design, and recently we have had a few issues with them sticking which we have been able to resolve for affected customers relatively quickly. That said, inoperability is a real annoyance as not being able to open the tent is quite inconvenient. We are working on a video for upkeep on these locks, but the solution is really simple.

Sticking Situation: Most stuck pin issues are caused by grit or dust in the pin assembly, and flushing it out has been an easy resolution in all cases so far. We recommend a dry lube, like a lock graphite spray, but WD40 or even flushing with water will work in a pinch. If you use a graphite spray to proactively service the lock (which is worth doing if you use the locks regularly), just make sure you only spray these with the tent assembly closed as the graphite spray can stain the fabric tent.

Let me know if that answers your questions, and happy to help if additional clarity is needed.


I love to see the response! Thanks for clearing things up. Y’all have been killing it lately front and back of house.


Brief followup. GFC sent a set of new locks and said they were working on a “dust cap”. Lubing them up may well due the trick but if you cant trust 'em you cant trust 'em. Test their operation in the unlatched position before locking up if you must. Security is a relative and personal thing. These are minmalist and lightweight campers with minmalist and lightweight locks that will only keep honest people out. They will never be Fort Knox. If your concern is great, remove the (upper assembly) locks, drill out the hole and put your own padlock on it. Happy camping!

Mine busted too. Contacted gfc and they sent me replacements. Just had a latch failure as well and they’re sending me replacements for the latch too. Frustrating to have to deal with after spending so much money but the costumer service and responses have been great.


This thread reminds me of the one called “what’s up with hinges breaking.”. People used to say the same things just different topic.

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To be fair, this is a much less significant issue, as it is easily solved by flushing the lock. The hinge failure is/was a catastrophic failure mode that could not be addressed quickly in the field with a water bottle.

In the theoretical need of a product revision, this would also be a very simple item to drop in the mail for affected customers, rather than dedicating two full time employees to a multi hundred thousand dollar two year road trip.


I remembered something complicated about the new locking mechanism when I said “the new complicated lock”. I just rewatched the V2 intro video and I was definitely mistaken. Looks about as simple as it could ever be. :+1:


Boeshield T-9. The cyclists probably already know about this, but spray it in your locks that are exposed to the elements every year or so and you’re all set.


I’m in the same boat. YIKES! I hope they address this before we pick up!

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I am just planning on bringing some dry lube that doesnt attract dirt. Or like Mike said, graphite spray

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So I just picked up V2 camper last week and one of the panel locks did not work on the trip. When I got home today I lubricated it but it still will not work. Any ideas? It looks like maybe it’s jammed?

I sent a support email but was wondering if any of you found a fix. I’m hoping it’s an easy fix. I know stuff like this happens but I’m mad I didn’t test the locks before leaving. TIA

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One of mine stays open like that too. I put the spray graphite in there, so it should help with sticking.

Also, I don’t think thats what this thread was originally about. But still a good point

Removed my locks since they were sticking even after flush/lube. Felt like the spring was mechanically not in a position to work smoothly despite being clean/lubricated. Was worried I’d get to camp and not be able to open the tent. Was going to open a support request to see if I can get a new set. Maybe carry a cordless Dremel just in case after seeing it stick.

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Okay, I’m locked out of my tent as well. The pin lock on the passenger side turns but does not pop out. This is pretty annoying since I’ve only just bought this V2 and have only used it a few times.

Got a call from Wiley who offered some tips for this. I was able to get the lock freed up using some spray lubricant. Thanks Wiley.

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Just picked up my camper and was told that the locks were back ordered. So instead of locks, these plungers were installed. I was traveling to a place where needed to be able to fully lock everything, including the tent so I purchased a trailer lock off Amazon. The description said it was 1/4 diameter which it turns out it was slightly bigger. I shaved a tad off on the latch side and it worked like a charm. Nice tight fit and the cap keeps the water and dirt out. I put the plunger back in when I don’t need the lock and it’s back to usual functionality. Trailer Lock


edited: nvm didn’t see that you linked it at the end. Thanks!

Is this a 5/8" locking hitch pin or a tongue coupler lock?

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