V2 Tent Lock Failure

I really like the look and functionality. Seems like a more consistent and reliable set up. I wonder if this is something we can request. Would have no problem buying my own lock from amazon.

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Plunger seems to be the new system they are going with. I talked with customer service today to request the plunger set up instead of the lock and they said that is the direction they are currently staying in. Locks seem to be back ordered and troublesome.


It’s the 1/4” diameter by 7/8” pin. Link is right above the photos

9 months into my GFC V2 ownership, and the tent locks failed in the locked position. Hoping I can fiddle with them and get them open. GFC needs a major redesign here! Such cheap locks for such a critical function!


Tried this and it didn’t work sadly

Ended up having to drill out the lock. Shout out to Calder and GFC customer service for calling me and remedying the issue within 24hr of posting on the forum. Quite impressed!

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Mine locked me out on a pretty critical backcountry trip back in July / August and took a long evening in the dark to get out. GFC sent me out a new lock (obviously didn’t get this until the end of the trip) and this was right before they posted their graphite lube fix on YouTube and here. I’m about to head out on another week long trip and in prepping the camper I’ve found the other lock (not the replaced one) is now faulty and wouldn’t unlock. An hour later I had it unlocked, but I’ll unfortunately be running with them in the unlocked position for the duration of my trip because I cannot afford to get stranded.

I hope GFC comes up with a solid replacement for these locks aside from just sending out new replacements of the same design. Customer service has been great thus far, but in my opinion all the fixes up to now have been band-aids and do not solve the issue indefinitely. I’ve maintained the locks with graphite spray, but perhaps living in the desert the quantity of dust I experience will find its way in there one way or another and gum up the locking mechanisms. I can only assume this issue isn’t just living in the desert, but rather anywhere dirt and grime can exist on our trucks. I like the solution above with the trailer lock, but would prefer something to come from GFC to avoid warranty issues.

Edit: 30 minutes after posting this, Calder from GFC called me to work through this issue. I’m amazed at this companies efforts to take care of their customers and would recommend anyone having issues with this or anything relating to their build to work with GFC on solutions. They’ve been great through and through and I look forward to continued and uninterrupted enjoyment of my camper setup!


Having some tent lock and back panel latch issues, as well. I just received my weatherization kit, and was going to start that process, but my tent lock won’t open. The key doesn’t appear to be able to thread into anything. I’m able to spin the key 360 degrees. Those with lock failures experience similar issues?

According to the install team the locks are now being deleted due to supply issues. They now have a machined pin that locks the latches down. It’s not lockable but is made by them.

@GFC_Support @GFC

Would it be possible to send a service request form for these knobs to replace the locks? My locks are fine thus far but I don’t trust them at all and have left them unlocked since day one but can see how easy it would be to accidentally lock them when I’m up on the tailgate moving stuff in that area


Definitely in the same boat and interested in the response!

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@JoeFarris thanks for speaking with me on the phone!

@OverlandKyle @MBBME if you have not had an issue with your Plunger Locks, then you can purchase the Spring Pins from us by submitting a Service Request Form. For those that are not aware, we do have a maintenance video for the Plunger Locks. The Spring Pins are not lockable with a key, so you have to pull the knob by hand to free the tent latch:


I’ll wait until I start having issues with my locks, sounds like it’s only a matter of time. Appreciate the response and info as always!

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@GFC_Support Thanks again for such quick responses over the weekend and getting things shipped out to me. I truly appreciate you chatting with me and walking me through the process. Customer service is unreal with this crew!

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I had an issue with the locks being stuck in a locked position while camping recently and didn’t have anything that would work as spray lube. It’s redic but I filled my mouth with water and tried to blow it through the lock until I got it to move. Only took about 5 minutes to get moving.


I really like your cable routing there for those lights. Can I get a shot of what you did there? I’d like to steal that idea LOL.

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The new plungers GFC sent out work great. Great service!. I do wish there was a new lockable solution though, as I live in an area where vehicles get broken into a lot. With mine right now i am splitting the difference. One of the “vending machine locks” completely crapped out, but the other is fine, so I replaced the bad one with a plunger and left the old lock. So far so good. But will likely swap it out for the plunger too. Dont want to end up locked out. I dont really keep much in the camper anyway (because I dont want any incentive for scumbags to break in). But I do wish there was a good solid locking option.

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Awesome! Thanks Phil! That looks good, but you do find that you get some water in during heavy rain?

not to hijack the tent lock thread

How much are the spring pins selling for?

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Does @GFC_Support know what size the v2 locks are?

Wondering if these would help with dust/water intrusion in addition to the graphite spray…