Veteran owned/ex-smokejumper GFC frame bag manufacturer


My name is Tim. I have a veteran owned small business (VOSB) out of Grand Junction, CO. I make bags, belts and other things. I learned to sew after the military when I was a smokejumper out of Boise, ID. I used to sew parachutes, jump gear, bags, chute containers and other life saving equipment.

I want to start making bags for the GFC. I do not intend to charge as much as other folks.

Thanks to the help of many contributors in this forum, I have enough data to get started on bags.

If you have any specific ideas on bag design or locations, please reply to this thread.

Standby for more and thanks again,




I have a V2 GFC on a 2020 Chevy Colorado Bison. As the campers are made individually for each model, I’m wondering if you’re interested in the dimensions of the camper I have (as opposed to a Tacoma). Just checking before taking all the measurements.



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Hey Michael,

Yes, I’ll take the information on your Chevy.

What bags would you like to have? For example; bags for the triangles, roof bags etc.

If you could, please send pictures as well so I can see how I’ll secure the bags to the frame.

Additionally, is your GFC built specifically for your make and model or for all Chevy short beds?


All Chevy Colorado short beds.

I’m thinking primarily bags for the triangles.

I’ll take some detailed measurements and put them in photoshop and send them over in the morning.

Good deal, thanks man.

When you have the time, let me know specifically what features you are looking for in/on the bag in addition to what color you want.

Take care,

Will do. Look for all that info emailed to you in the morning.

I appreciate the opportunity!


Tim, I am located on the other side of the hill from you in Fort Collins. Hopefully picking up my GFC in August for a 2019 Power Wagon. Would love to see some of your products as you make them! Do you have a website or Facebook page where we can check out your work? Always looking to support fellow Veterans!

-Tim, Fort Collins

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Hey Tim,

No FB or site yet. I’m gathering intel at this point. Its going to happen, just a matter of time. When you get your power wagon, let me know. I’ll get some bags going.

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I’m interested. I’d be happy to provide V1 Tacoma long bed measurements if you don’t already have them. Let me know and I’ll get on it for you. I don’t need a freebie, btw. Just want to purchase some frame bags that aren’t outrageously expensive.



Hey Sir,

Yes ill take the measurements. I do not have v1 long bed numbers yet.

The v1 is steel correct?

Thanks for the help with R and D. , I’ll have a site up soon for updates on progress.


I’ll get on those measurements as soon as I can. I’m particularly interested in front triangle bags on either side of the front GFC window. That would be a great place for storing my clothes for a trip. Removable so they are easy to pack, then reinstall.



Great, no rush. Thank you.


Love to see this aftermarket support for the campers! Keep up the good work and let me know if you’d like anything from GFC, I’d be happy to help.



Thanks, I’ll keep you posted. Take care.

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BigMikeOfficial could probably give you CAD drawings of what I just cobbled together with Photoshop :wink:

Let me know if I missed something in there.

Everyone on this forum is so awesome. People going out of their way to help others is rare these days. :metal:


Thanks for the detailed image. I have your contact information. I’m working on the site and I’ll be posting updates in there. Standby,

This is awesome! I just emailed drawings for 2016+ Tacoma long bed.

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Received, thank you.