Water intrusion fix update

Recently went to the orange facility in socal to get my camper water intrusion problem fixed, and ended up with my extrusions all messed up. The drilling of the extra holes wasn’t masked and it scratched my anodizing on all the holes, giving it a home made appearance. Not cool, im not happy with the fix at all. Sending in my service ticket today to see if they will fix that now.

Who else had the same work performed recently and how did the work turn out?

I had 2 panels scratched up in a version 1 warranty hinge replacement. They sent me a can of spray paint and told me to buy a small brush to apply it.

Edit: It was some powder coat comparable product.

For real? You can’t paint over anodizing though… can’t wait to hear what they say

Because as we all know, rattle can paint is just as, if not more performant, than UV resistant anodizing on extruded aluminum.

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It kind of sounds like they might say, sorry we goofed, here’s some paint and a brush so you can touch it up yourself.

The holes on my upper extrusions were done as the first batch out the door around November 2021 and definitely don’t look as clean as the milled slots now part of the design. My holes aren’t too bad, but for me as long as the water intrusion is resolved I don’t care much. Totally get your position, though!


I knew this is how I would feel if I went through with their repairs, so I opted out of my scheduled appointment. Best of luck, brother.

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I got my repairs done a couple weeks ago in Washington state by the GFC crew that traveled out here. No marks around the new holes for me.

Overall it does look a little homebrew but I’m fine with it if it means the leaks are fixed.


I definitely feel like a little swiss cheese slice now with all the holes but so far haven’t seen much water inside. Didn’t have that much scratching tho…

The new holes make the truck whistle while driving is certainly obnoxious - noticed on a road trip the weekend after fix and it’s hard to ignore.

I found 3 t-nuts on my roof a few days after. Seems like all my t-nuts are accounted for so must have just been extras but left loose on top of roof. Not sure how many flew off on that road trip.

Aluminum shavings inside canopy did require me to go back through and vacuum again at home - no big deal but worth noting.

I know at least 3 people in PNW who attended this session who are still leaking. Counting myself as a lucky one so far but I think this may have missed the mark for a number of people and based on my past experiences it is usually just a matter of time until water finds its way into my GFC.

A reminder that this was the 3rd major warranty related to the same issue on my camper since I bought it about 2 years ago.

Leaking issues are being discussed on the facebook group as well - please make sure you check there if you have issues.


I saw similar marks in @78westy 's post here:

Sure seems avoidable.

I haven’t had mine fixed yet. May try to schedule a day at Basil’s, where my install was done.

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What are the two square looking things in this picture?


Greetings everyone,

Thank you to those who have submitted a Service Request Form. Our team or I will be in touch with you shortly.

As a reminder, the GFC forum is not intended for voicing concerns. It serves as a community space for customers to connect, share tips and tricks, and learn about our product.

If you encounter issues, please contact us directly. Posting about issues on the forum after submitting a Service Request Form is not the appropriate way to seek resolution.

We value feedback as it helps us improve as a company and enhance our product. However, please note that the forum is not the appropriate channel for sharing this kind of feedback.

Our dedicated customer experience team is available Monday through Friday to assist our customers promptly.

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It’s a tape my brother used to mark the locations for my awning mounts that my kinsmen hangs from. Had to remove it before the water fix and wanted to be sure i could remount it without re measuring

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Uh oh, this thread probably isn’t keeping the forum “rad” as intended. I wonder how long until this thread disappears because it gets too much traffic.


While I can appreciate the sentiment of this response and understand the process for reporting issues, I don’t quite agree with the statement that we can’t voice concerns on this forum (While also fully understanding GFC owns this space).

While some of the responses may be unproductive, this could be a great opportunity for some actual feedback on the Quality System put in place to deploy fixes, warranty issues, etc. by partner shops. None of us have any insight into the actual procedure communicated and trained, so who knows if masking is part of that process or not. Could be a great opportunity to improve the process and tighten up instructions moving forward so others don’t experience these issues.

For context, my fixes were performed along with a tent replacement (under warranty) at Tru Automotive in Denver. Colter and the team have always been great to work with and this time was no different. Seems like the expectation of time to implement may be a little off, however, as I was told 4-5 hours and it took 7-8 hours total.


Thank you, exactly my sentiments.

First, John you took the time to call me after I submitted a ticket and backed out of my scheduled repair in the PNW. That was fantastic and the kind of customer service that I understand to make GFC awesome! We talked through where I was at and how your testing went and what I could expect doing any repairs myself - again, fantastic so thank you!

Second, I’ve never been a part of a forum that did not have some griping going on. I think a forum is the ideal spot for voicing concerns. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and that’s okay. GFC knows that, hell I’m sure EVERY company knows that. I say if it’s a sounding board someone needs, it’s a sounding board they get.

Again, my ticket was addressed, you made the point to call me (so much appreciated there), and I’m stoked to spend the summer in this thing … water drips or not. But please, don’t suppress speech. :us:

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@Medicfung Your post made me go outside and look at mine, and I noticed the same thing, although it was done at their orange shop.

I submitted a service request form, then figured it was worth a shot to just call in. Chatted with John and he let me know they had been doing some testing this afternoon, and that soapy water and a rag takes it right off. Apparently the anodizing they do is some really tough stuff.
I figured I’d try the ol’ spitshine technique… wifey wasn’t stoked when I hollered at her to come film this, but I found it funny :joy:, especially since I didn’t even consider just rubbing it off…


@the_philxx are they having leaking in the tent? mine’s been bone-dry since (although never had much of an issue to start with, you guys just make me paranoid sometimes). I asked John and he said the drains and sealing stuff was to solve the sleeping area leak, and has nothing to do with the lower part…


I don’t want to get in trouble for posting here…

the guy who had the appointment ahead of me posted on facebook that he has a ton of water getting in, with photos. This matches another account from someone. Then there’s a 3rd story from another person - all seem to be getting water in the lower camper on the front wall (nearest the cab) and all reported after the most recent updates were done.

As for my tent - i still get the occasional water drop here or there but that got a lot better after they did the first weatherization kit - and then better still after they replaced my tent in MT.

I have had a bunch of leaks but that area for me has mostly always been dry. I guess they don’t all leak, and some leak in different places. so far since the updates, i am dry. my biggest area for water prior was actually the back corners inside where water in the extrusions would collect and drain inside the bed of the truck (like 8-12" in from the back door - definitely not ideal). haven’t seen this happen again since and do think the drain holes addressed this. when one of those hole was drilled in, the tech got hit in the face with a little burst of water - that’s how much was in there when i got to the service. there’s no doubt that water built up like this is also leaking into the sleeping area - although it wouldn’t be ON the mattress but on the aluminum lips underneath it. I was seeing a lot of water building up on those but inconsistent. it’s been pretty rainy the past few days and i am keeping a close eye on things - but honestly i think the servicing may have gotten my issue.

That said - there’s at least one issue that it didn’t get as others are still having problems. i trust the CX team is taking this all seriously and supporting people instead of making them feel like they are the only one. That was not a fun feeling when I was told I was the only one with a leak a year and a half ago…