Water intrusion into truck bed - anyone had this same experience?

Anyone have experience with water sneaking in during rain/carwashes? I’ve got a leak where water is getting in somewhere and dripping down somewhere along this section of the frame circled in red.

Happy to smear some Sikaflex or whatever onto whatever needs it, but I’m at as loss as to where that would be. Hoping someones dealt with similar issues and found a fix.

Best guess is it’s coming it on the underside of the honeycomb on the front exterior and getting pulled up into where the honeycomb slots into the extrusion, but that’s just a guess.

Submit a service request.

Hey Jeff,

I personally don’t have experience with this but can point you to our Support Center (Support Center - GoFastCampers) to submit a Service Request Form (GFC Service Request Form - GoFastCampers) so that we can get you taken care of.

I had a leak in that front corner. My guess was that gasket that you see in all the seams had a small missed hole or gap. So I just added more to the seam and it fixed my leak.

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Yeah, I thought about that. You’re talking about that bead of some kind of sealing caulk that’s in there?

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Eh, maybe.

This doesn’t feel like a thing that I can diagnose with GFC. If someone there can speak to a known issue, I can patch up, awesome. But otherwise it doesn’t feel like a thing that can be worked out from afar, or even in a satellite shop.

I recently visited the Orange County office to have my tent replaced and in hindsight I wouldn’t have done it. Pulling the whole thing apart was never really meant to be done and now it’s back together with some rubber flashing tape installed. Had I really thought about it I would have fixed the tent in other ways, rather than disassembled the whole thing (as generous as it was for GFC to do that.)

Likewise I’d rather just patch this up than have a tech tear it apart. More issues than it’s worth.

But again… if it’s an issue and fix known to GFC… Maybe a service request is at least a way to get them to talk to me about it.

Yes that is correct.

I had this same issue on my camper from Mar '22, both sides. Sent pics to GFC and they sent me some silicone type material to seal it. Sealed all along each edge (honeycomb to aluminum) and haven’t had a problem since. And I have been in some pretty good rains around the western US since then. Note my leakage was only around the front fixed section, not near the movable floor panels.

I experienced water intrusion in the same place the first time I went camping and found myself in a rain storm. Several months later, the OC office was able to apply some water intrusion ‘upgrades’ to my camper as @caducus described. Although I have not found myself in any rain storms since, I feel confident that GFC has fixed the issue. Separately, I experienced a small leak at the front of the camper nearest the cab at the upper corner. At first I noticed some dust collecting on the inside and eventually dried water spots. Sent a service request and received some of the black ‘silicone’ type putty to reinforce the seal between the front panel and the frame. Haven’t noticed any issues thus far.

Hi friends, I found a leak this weekend while sleeping inside my GFC topper.

Can anyone post the name of that silicone putty so I can try and fix this at home?


It’s butyl tape. Ball it up in your fingers then apply in the front corner on the outside below the overhang in between the cab and camper.

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