Water Leaks Via Bed Rails

Anyone have a suggestion to stop mild water leaks between the side panels and the bed rails into the truck bed? I have a 2nd Gen Tacoma and noticed some leaks after it rains. There’s already some foam that was added during the install in February – but if anyone else has suggestions for an additional barrier, let me know.

Might be too late but did you ‘weatherproof’ the bed rails prior to install? Several various articles regarding this both here, TW and YT.

I get leaking in the front corners and will eventually throw some sealant in there. As jasont mentions, to seal the side bed rails unfortunately it’s a tape the wholes under the plastic before the camper is installed. I haven’t seen any good after the fact solutions on here but there’s some clever folks in this forum.


I have a friend that did a “after the fact sealing” of his bed rails by parking in the sun so that the railing was hot and somewhat soft then sticking some RTV sealant under the bedrail. it seemed to work for him though he complained that it was a pain in the butt to do :slight_smile:

Yep, I had removed the bedrail caps prior to install and had sealed up all the holes with tape and silicone. But somehow there’s still water coming in between the top of the bedrails and the side panels.

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This has worked for me


Thank you! Might have to invest in that.

Mine leaks from the center of the side panels into the bed and not any of the other small gaps (like near the tailgate.)

I also get a small amount in the front corners. Annoying

@TPSJ How much did you order to seal the side and rear panels? Was 25ft. enough?

More than enough Ill check to see what I have left over to be more accurate its a bit pricy but its been a good addition

Thank you! Still dealing with dust / water issues, so gonna tackle this soon.

I’d be curious how you do it and what you do…I still have similar issues with my tacoma if I am following correctly.


So I checked my leftovers was not much if you decide to do this you will need 25 feet.
I have had zero issues with leakage and I was caught in the recent storms in Utah.
I must say that I did have concerns based on reviews on this site prior to pick up my GFC-V-2 in December of 2021
I spent considerable time inspecting and then weatherizing my tent.
My background is in back packing tent design years ago which made it relatively easy to see the minor flaws in the tents construction and at the time.To GFC’s credit they had been “Johnny on it” and many of these minor issues had been already addressed at the time I acquired mine but it still needed some modifications one of which is the addition of the Trim-Loc we are talking about.
This modification has allowed water to be diverted in areas that are prone to pooling.
As you may have seen the addition of the Josh Edgar designed Drip Rail is a good example of this concept that i purchased and can attest to their effectiveness.
A little time in the dark armed with a flashlight will revile all you need to see and address.


Thank you! This is super helpful and will report back my progress.