Wear & Tear Maintenance Thread

New here and recent purchaser of a new to me (used #275) GFC.

Mine needs a few items and perhaps others can chime in on repairs or mods done when things start to fail…

  1. One of my interior fabric bungee holds has come unglued.

Do y’all have any suggestions on how to repair correctly so it will last?

  1. Rear hatch flap seal is too short to seal the gap.

Looking to replace one so it’s about 2” wide. Anyone have a cheap source for this so I don’t have to buy a 25’ roll?

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Sometime in the last year, Trim Lok changed their flap seal. It seems much more resilient to bending now, like it’s stiffer. When I sent my GFC in to be revamped last October, I had the old stuff on. It came back with the new, and it annoys me. I’d send you the rest of mine, but It’s for the 3rd Gen. You might be able to score some here, or from GFC if you email them.

Someone posted about reattaching there bungee tie down with glue heat, and I thought I saw another have it sewn on by a seamstress/sail maker

That may have been me, I had my tie off’s repaired: Repair of internal tent tie off's!

I replaced the hatch flap with a nice, big one from here: https://www.recpro.com/rv-seal-2-6-w-black-wiper-seal-with-clip/ and it’s been working well for me.