Weboost Mount

Ok, I think I’m 90% of the way there. Now getting feedback from the machinists (including a super rad maker that frequents this forum)

So, we’ll see how the feedback goes and the adjustments but here’s some renders. It’s a two piece design making it more flexible for machinists.


I’m also open to feedback from you all!

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I’m ready to order :hugs:

Back in business! I’ve been working with @jedgar on tuning new design and he’s going to be my manufacturer as well! I’m putting in an order with him then I’ll have them media blasted and hard anodized.

So, in a couple of weeks I will be able to take some orders!

The new two piece design makes it much more feasible to manufacture. Additionally I’ve made it so you can mount over the top of the camper, or have it come off the side. The part that mounts against the side can accept the T-Nuts on either side.

Additionally I’m reaching out to GFC to see if I can get a bulk order of t-nuts to be able to add to the order so you don’t have to buy from two places.


Check with Gzila as well for the Tnuts, should be able to do a bulk order and get a discount


Looking sharp!!!

Can you show it with the folding antenna mount on? Thanks, looks awesome

There is an earlier post with the V1 with the antenna mounted on it. But I’ll have more pictures after anodizing

I just saw his post on instagram and thought it looked familar! I really look forward to this design. Any idea when theyll be up for sale?

Any links for the store yet? Definitely would love to order a mount! @m0to

Thanks all! First batch of 10 is being milled starting last week. Once they show up here I’ll get them off to anodizing and I’ll link the store.

I’ll have a listing for the Nylon-CF 3d printed antenna cradles up as well. I’m working on design that can be milled out of aluminum but I need to figure out the costs and if it’s worth doing it. It doesn’t need to be aluminum, so there is that. Mine has been on the truck now in the sun, rain, etc now for 8 months and it’s holding up fine.