What do you use to level vehicle for sleeping?

Rolling ramp style levelers?
Ramp style?
Lego brick style stackable pieces?
A rock?

What is best to do quick and easy front to back and side to side leveling for camping?

I currently use the blocks or rocks, which are a real pain in the ass going back and forth… even with a partner.

just curious!

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I’ll use traction boards, firewood, rocks, etc. when needed but usually prefer to just park with an obvious high side where I put my head.


Rocks for me so far. I just took delivery last month and have only had it out 3 times, but it seems to work fine. I get close first and then toss rocks as needed. 4 low helps when trying to put a tire on the rock for me

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Yeah, i have no issues getting it leveled… Just wondering what other folks use to do it faster or easier.

Sometimes using the lego block style and other times using rocks or wood that I find around camp. I am intending to install a level in the cab that I can see from my driver’s seat to make the process a little quicker.

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I have foldable traction boards. So I can use a single level or fold them in half for double.

I use Lynx Levelers that I bought on Amazon. I carry 6 and that has been more than enough so far.

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I use my traction boards

I prefer rocks… and if needed I will add more air to my airbags to equal lift the rear…

Just find a level enough spot, park the truck and go to sleep. Don’t over think it. For me the point of the gfc is simplicity. I’ve gone down rabbit holes with my gfc and haven’t really had an overall better camping experience the more complicated I make it. For me it’s a tent built into my truck camper which for my purposes is great.



I could give 2 shits if it was just for me. I however camp regularly w a wife and kid who care.

I was just curious… thanks for the mansplain.


I just picked up a pair of GoTreads that work really well for leveling. Ive also installed a bulls eye level near the shifter for super easy visual access. The less I have to hop in and out of the truck, the better


I have airbags that are installed that help and also traction pads that level out as well.

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it’s been rocks, traction boards and whatever I could find. recently picked up the legos for the next outing

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I have some RV leveling blocks that I used with our old trailer but 90% of the time if I need to level the truck I use rocks or wood.

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Yep. I also couldn’t tell you how many places I’ve been where it’s not flat and would suck without some leveling. They must just go to campsites with flat areas and pads.


Thanks for the input helpful people!

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Hm, good idea. I have levels mounted on the extrusion, but this seems like it would be worth trying–sometimes I feel like I’m on a Candid Camera episode with all the jumping in and out.

OP, it is blocks for me.

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I wonder how much better a Bubble level would be in comparison to the Tacoma digital - Pitch/ROll sensor reading is?

Speaking of, anyone have info on how accurate that PITCH/ROLL sensor and display is?

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There are RV bubble levels that have notations for the number of inches you need to level. So far I just use the dash and my but level. The dash isn’t very sensitive though. Works well for me.

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