What do you use to level vehicle for sleeping?

My Ranger doesn’t have any of those fancy digital displays to it. Those displays, I would imagine, would be pretty accurate on a significant incline. But I don’t think you could fine tune it to the level we are talking about. I could be wrong, and if I am please say so!

I thought of getting those RV levels for the rear of the camper, but then I saw one of these and was like, that’s small enough to fit anywhere and its omnidirectional… AH-HA! It’s been working great for me :slight_smile:

I recommend getting at least $900 worth of Maxtrax. I use them at all the campgrounds I stay at. I hear some guys use them for off-road use or something like that… :sweat_smile:



Bubble level, works great. Verified bubble level in cab with 3’ level in camper floor on my driveway. Used it multiple times camping, just watch bubble when positioning truck.


Rocks worked like a charm!! :sunglasses:

That being said, I have since purchased GoTreads and they are awesome.

I try to find a camp site that’s as level as possible, or at least park in the most level spot. Then I use ‘lynx levelers’ which are the plastic Lego-looking pieces. I usually carry 6-8 (come in packs of 10 from Amazon) with me and they are stowed at the bottom of my trasharoo for packability. They tend to work well enough for small adjustments. I would recommend.

I have bubble levels on the GFC. They work great.
The other option I have sometimes employeed when leveling is digging. I try to find a level spot on the ground initially. Once I feel like the truck is mostly level, I consult my levels on the GFC, I back up a foot or so, and dig to lower the ground under one or two wheels by using my shovel. Then I pull forward and I’m good. Sometimes finding the right combo of rocks or what-not is a challenge. I save the soil for filling in after I pull out…
Obviously this method won’t work for every terrain or situation so I also use rocks or whatever in certain situations too.
I sometimes use my $900 in maxtrax as well. Ha!

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Seems like we’re pretty much all on the same page. As also have bubble levels on my camper extrusion, lynx legos, will use rocks, prefer digging in sand and use the pitch/roll sensor to get a good starting spot.

Thanks again for all the replies. It’s helpful just to hear from others that are using their setup and enjoying it!

I have found that two or three 24” 2 X 6 boards work great, and if not needed or on your last night camping you can throw them in your campfire.


With the prices of wood? :joy: you’re a baller


I use these but also carry a couple of the LEGOs .

I bring 6 pieces of 1/2" and 3/4" x 6" x 14" plywood scraps I have. works perfect everytime.

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I use whatever material that is available and have found that 2-3" of log = 1 degree. :slight_smile:


@shitco has a good level set from McMaster in his IG feed. Scroll till you see the photo of his level, one of his posts has screen shots of the product #s



I ordered but haven’t tested yet, but supposedly the clips fit right into the slot on the gfc and can be secured with a dab of silicone.

Also - scrap decking tread screwed and glued and stained black worked to make a few teamster style step ups. For free with scrap around the house.

I have a bubble level app on my phone that I turn on and put on my armrest. Gets me close enough for comfort

I’m finding that blocks only depress my suspension and don’t level. Wondering if anyone uses jacks mounted on frame or hitch?

Traction boards,

RV leveling blocks that look like Lego squares

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I’ve been looking for traction boards that don’t “sink into” each other when stacked and driven on, I love multi purpose-ing stuff. But seems like all of them are meant to fit into each other to save space. I might cave soon and get some bulky tiered ramps, or the roll on style, don’t have a lift, so it will help changing oil and getting under the truck. They’re just so big… ugh, rv stuff.