What do you use to level vehicle for sleeping?

RV leveling blocks here as well.

usually i drive around the campsite to look for level ground because my tailgate is also the kitchen… when when you’re making food a leveled surface is good so you don’t have grease pooling up on one side of the griddle lol

i use those RV leveling blocks from Walmart if it’s really off and I want to deal with it. I think those are like $40 for a set or something.
if my friends are with me then they stack rocks for me. they think it’s fun so… more power to them i guess lol

for me if it’s 1 degree off from my dash reading then i’m ok with it. 1 degree off don’t make that big of a difference when making food anyways.

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Ditto. A little back end up angle helps me sleep better. I use cheap Walmart RV stackables, too. I don’t like too much side to side angle, as then I feel like I end up on the tent wall or waking up half falling out the empty square.

i see those cheap walmart RV stackables as disposables lol

i see them as oil filter… when the time comes, just throw them out and get new ones.

Rocks, logs mostly. I’ve aired down, dug in by spinning tires and used the lego block RV levelers. Those are great! Downside is I forgot them one time, then it snowed too much for me to get back up there to get them :frowning:

I have traction boards, but I also cut a few 2x10" boards with angled cuts to make them “ramps”. I screwed two together to make it a few inches high. I have two of these, and I usually just dig a small hole under the high side tire.