What have you done to your GFC this week

I have had these for about a year now and the inside is turning all black for some reason. They don’t seem to be very leak proof. Still working, but looking ugly :sweat_smile:

:exploding_head: so this is happening in mine today I guess. Good work, sir.


Haha thats awesome, what size board?

Brilliant. I’ve been prototyping an idea like this for a while, your approach is even simpler and more straightforward than the simplest thing I could think of. Congrats.

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I used a 48”x24” 1/4 birtch plywood. I’m thinking of selling the hinges as a kit for y’all to do it yourself at home. All you will need is a piece of plywood


Made this fairing that eliminated wind noise and yielded a small but stat sig mpg increase


Rad! Get some heavy duty magnets to store it in the up position when not in use. Should work!

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Test fitting my drop down-slide out kitchen system. It will house the stove, utensils, and cutting board. :call_me_hand:


I would definitely look at buying hinges if you offered them! Or even just some sketches on how you made them… :wink:

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Looks great!!! I have already designed the hinge and locking mechanism in my head, just looking at this set up. Great idea man!!

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I cannot wait to see this. Please start a thread for it!


Thanks! I’ll def do a quick sketch once it’s all done. Remind me in a week if I haven’t reached out!

As for the hinges, I found them on Amazon. I’ll find the link and send it your way.

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Thanks! It’s been quite design, trial and error heavy but it’s almost done. I’ll be sure to post an update.


Will do! Thanks!

Added some LEDs, From Matt Gecko LED. Did the lower only kit.
Added a dimmer and got things installed as clean as i could with what i had. Used some spade connections incase i need to remove the camper on short notice. Used a 3/16th rubber grommet to run wire in behind the tail light.

The dimmer is so dope! Recommend doing a dimmer. Love these lights, extremely easy to install, i do Recommend a second person to help hold the light strips while sticking them. Totally worth the money.


Got my Backwoods Adventure Mods molle panel in. And filled it up!
Also finally mounted the traction boards. No more sliding around in the back. Used the Sherpa mount on the beef bars.


Added a rear awning using both the GFC awning brackets and the Ironman4x4america quick release awning brackets. The GFC brackets don’t fit on the rear (despite what GFC told me) so I had to add a 3/8 spacer and get some longer bolts. The quick release brackets are nice since this is my daily driver and there is no reason to leave the awning on all the time. The quick release brackets are lockable too. Can also still easily access the tent latches and still use the fly rods.


Made some cross bars tonight. Lots of insight from the forum.


finally hung this thing up around the inside perimeter. low profile, not too much in the way, now i have places to hang various clothes and stuff.



Changed out a lift strut that blew a seal. Thanks @GFC for the quick part!