What have you done to your GFC this week

They look like cool products for sure. I think I like the bedding set up better on the Alu-Cab than the transformer floor. The opportunity to easily add a heater without having to worry about cabon monoxide or cutting holes in my bed is nice. However, when you look into the actual cost with full install… You might as well be buying a used four wheel camper. I like that the aftermarket support for them is so strong with many “ready made” solutions.

However, too expensive for primitive overlanding/offroading, not luxurious enough to compete with “real” campers like FWC.

The GFC while not perfect is in the sweet spot for me still. I will likely upgrade to a FWC or similar when my daughter is older, but only to accommodate more winter ski parking lot camping.


@OhaiJonny looks like our long lost cmds pins found a home.

Dude sick junkyard finds! Is the pin a way of quick removal when you wanna strip the bed?

I could not agree more. For people who see themselves hanging out in the bed portion of the camper (or doing a LOT of winter camping), the Alu-Cab may be the better solution. But if you are planning to be outside most if not all the time, the GFC is much better. Plus less costly to buy, less impact on fuel mileage, less weight, and frankly much better to look at. I also really like GFC’s commitment to building in America and creating jobs for Americans. Alu-Cab has an eco-system…not only their branded accessories but also what is available from their partners like Goose Gear and GP Factor among others. GFC’s ecosystem is getting there…we can build anything Goose Gear can at 4WD-Mod.com (for less money) and we don’t use 80/20 to do it. And we are proud to support GFC and help GFC owners get the most from their overlanding rigs.

You make a great point about the Alu-Cab being comparable to a used 4x4 camper van/pop up. I’m guessing their target for the Canopy Camper is people who, for whatever reason, are less interested in a van and more interested in a 4x4 truck platform, but still want van-like amenities…just not a full pop up camper with all the furniture already built-in (like FWC). The GFC buyer and the Alu-Cab buyer are two very different people with very different approaches to overlanding.

The FWC M Topper also looks interesting. Closer to the GFC but again a lot more money and most likely a different customer target.

You could go Alu-Cab Explorer Canopy for $3.4K, but the RTT would need to be purchased separately with no access from inside the canopy and no standing headroom. That’s a deal-breaker.

This has got to be one of the most legit bed buildouts I have ever seen! Wow!!

These are great Southco compression latches and a definite improvement on the lower cost Southco option. Really nice cover too!

Love everything about this build. Great bench and that custom molle panel…fantastic.

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I’d like to see GFC offer a slightly smaller optional mattress rectangle so that the square mattress section(s) can be replaced with something that allows heat to better enter the tent from the camper.

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Finished the majority of what I want to do with my build. Tested it out on a very stormy trip and it at least made sitting inside a lot more comfortable. Need to figure out some better organization and dial in some wiring next, but stoked!


This is amazing! Great build!

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Would love to see some more pictures of this build if you’re willing to share. Looks very close it what I want to do with mine.

Any specifics of what you want to see?

I have contemplated painting it a matte tan, installing the side vents and wished it wasn’t raining so I could fix the corner screen that is pulling away from the tent wall. oh and slept in it a bunch using it as a photo blind


The big one would be how/if you went about securing the cabinets to the bed of the truck, I’m trying to gather as many ideas as I possibly can about how folks have gone about it.

Got you! I don’t have any specific photos of how I have it mounted. But I have a 5/8" ply subfloor that I have the frames screwed in to and also have them tied in to the factory D-rings in each corner.

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I love what you have going on the panels. Is that some form of removable insulation? Or is it just for aesthetics ?

Yeah it’s reflectix upholstered with cordura. Have VHB velcro on them so they’re removable. Functional and makes it feel like less of a black hole haha


Id love to see some pictures of those panels outside of the camper, that seems like a super nifty solution to keep the camper a little more temp stable!

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BuiltRight Industries MOLLE panels for the win! (2022 Toyota Tacoma). No modification/cutting required. Simply remove the four T30 bolts on the bed rail track. Loosen the vertical bolt on the GFC mounting bracket. Tuck the MOLLE panel behind the bed rail track. Reinsert T30 bolts and secure everything. Done!


Another surfer from NM, no way! I live in Santa Fe and I’m also a surfer. My dad and I drive down to Baja during the winters and camp on the beaches near Todos Santos.

As far as solo travelers…I’ve met quite a few people who venture down there on their own. Baja (especially Sur) is super gringo these days and you meet so many people camping on the beaches. I totally understand the apprehension though. I feel the biggest issue is dirty cops pulling over gringos for “traffic violations” and won’t let you go until you empty your wallet. Travel light on cash or keep the majority hidden.

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Fiiiiiinally started the build out in the truck bed.

Waiting on a bedding catch and I need to sort some tie down points for the 2 Rotopax and Waterport behind the bench.