What have you done to your GFC this week

Looks awesome. I can’t wait to replace my flexible panels with some hard panels like yours. Gonna tackle it once my next flexible panel fails.

Interested in your mount for the fan and if it interferes with the fabric when closed.

I bought some of these from Amazon and have them in the tent and bed area.

Tie Downs

Just use a mini carabiner to hang the fan, and no issues closing the tent with the tie downs left in.

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I was originally going to use the flexible panels but didn’t want to glue them to the top of the GFC and then I saw people getting reduced charging from them due to heat.

I ended up with a dual sided panel that is supposed to get some additional gain from reflected light hitting the cells on the back side of the panel too.


Thank you!!!

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What have I done to my GFC this week? Betrayed it :cry: I got a deposit for it. But at least I know it is going to the right person, and it’s about to go on many more adventures. I am excited for the young guy.


Rude!!! Haha jk i’m sure you will enjoy your next setup! PS I think I messaged on a post if you could provide some information on your color panels and that setup. I dig the black panels.

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The ceiling that I wrapped?

your solar

Those are Ecoflow 100 watts panels.

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How did you like them?

Very good. Spent all summer in the sun and not an issue. Make sure you use the super 90.

Building up a 200AH battery bank to connect to solar panel and main battery for charging.
Updated my solar panel to a CIGS one as well.

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Some more work to the drawer build. Used roll-on bedliner (Herculiner) for the exterior. What a mess…. I would stick to the aerosol can even if it’s more expensive, it was less of a hassle.

Started to figure out how to fit 10lbs of s#it in a 5lb box. Just waiting for the large battery cable to start my runs.
Lined the interior of the drawer box/enclosure with poly. Have a few more days of paint/dry/sand/paint.

Also, somewhere on this forum I saw that someone had posted some cable management that kind of looked like a snake…best way I could describe it.
It was NOT the traditional plastic or nylon loom.
I need to figure out a way to cover/sheath my fridge cable and have it RETRACT so it does not get caught or bunched up behind the plug. Thanks for the help!


Looking for this style cable pass, I have seen a smaller version. Any links please?

What dremel attachment did you use to round out those corners?

They were 3M EXL wheels. 1" diameter and I think mine were 1/8 or 1/4" thick. I put them on a more or less standard Dremel shank and things went fast. I think I needed 2 for my panels.

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They have been great panels!

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I found this drag chain cable carrier…I think this is what you’re looking for. I plan to trial this for my fridge while its on a slide.

Amazon Drag Chain Cable Carrier

That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you SO much!

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