What's your bedding setup?

I’d love to hear what y’all have for bedding —

I’m doing a little research to make sleep better for everyone outside. What would you most like to see designed specifically for your RTT / camper setup and the conditions you sleep in?

Brainstorming some new ideas for products, whether it’s pillows, sheets, mattresses / “pillowtops”, expanding our quilt line with synthetics or other temps, colors, etc.

For our setup, we’ve been stoked on our GFC platform mattress and hoverquilt, sometimes when it gets into super cold temps below freezing I add in a 15F or 0F (even -20 / -40) sleeping bags I worked on in my old jobs. When we’re feeling extra lux I add a 2" inflatable mattress topper prototype and it still fits in the GFC when closed. For now we use regular down pillows from home, although I might have something up my sleeve for a deluxe packable camp pillow :kissing_heart:


go to sleep


Currently using Sierra Designs Frontcountry Duo bags leftover from my Tepui RTT days. Inexpensive and functional. The comforter styling to the bags is why I like them, zippers suck. At this time, I’m more likely to move to an RV than continue long term with the GFC though. I like it, but tent material isn’t going to cut it for me in full time travels, which is the direction I plan on going back to (sticks and bricks just aren’t for me anymore). If I had long term plans for the GFC, I would absolutely pick up your blanket, especially if you get the booster blanket set up figured out.

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LL Bean Fleece bed roll and a Zenbivy quilt. Love this system for a Wide temperature range.

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Nice! RV life will be extra primo. And those SD bags are fun - I remember when those first came out and changed people’s thinking for backpacking. Definitely the right step from zippered bags.

Cranking on first prototypes for the booster! Shooting for mid year 2022 for launching those :crossed_fingers:

Hi. My wife and I have 2 different setups.

No matter the season, we use a 1.5" memory foam mattress on top of the GFC mattress.

Summer we use separate bags that can be varied based upon weather forecast.

Winter we use a square style sleeping bag as a comforter, an electric blanket, and a bottom sheet. Very warm. This setup is only used at a KOA style campground where electricity is available. We don’t head out into the backcountry in winter. It makes cold road trips toasty. Pull the plug into the tent and precip isn’t a problem.

Unrelated, but we like the availability of warm showers too. Just sayin’…



Sounds dreamy! And the versatility is key. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from zenbivy for 1 person backpacking options that also breaks the mummy mold.

Very cool. And memory foam is super nice - how is it in winter? I know some memory foams harden up pretty bad with colder temps.

An electric option could be interesting … low draw, adjustable temp, usb powered … :thinking:

And warm showers change the game!

We use a Big Anges double bag in the summer, supposedly rated 15F but comfort is more like 45 (disappointing). As it’s meant to attach to a pad, it fits the GFC great and color matches the orange which I like. Bit of a pain for the modular floor which is important to us with kids ‘downstairs’. Closes up in the tent like its made for it.

For fall/spring we just started using a ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -10 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag. This thing is massive and heavy but very warm, we were comfortable down to 20 last weekend. When folded in half and it does close into the tent. I love the flannel.

For anything below 20, I think we’ll combine the two but won’t be able to close the tent with then both up there. Considering an electric heated sleeping pad as well

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Awesome - maybe we should do a down quilt with flannel on one side … that’d be pretty rad! Or a booster sheet option that has flannel.

Milsurp wool blanket
sherpa blanket
flannel sheet
GFC flannel fitted on cushions then a sheet to cover that and that depends on what is clean and ready to go

the wool and sherpa sometimes switch to see if it matters and it doesn’t

hot days are a sheet and that usually gets pushed to the side. Costco has a down comforter for $99 then I thought the dogs would just mess it up. if it’s really cold- below 0F- I break out the mummy with everything else. as a note this will be my first winter in a GFC so this is from past experience in a tent on the ground


The memory foam does stiffen a little where it’s exposed, but not not in the sleeping area where it’s warm. Not a big deal.

The electric blanket is a great option. My setup is limited by outlet availability though.


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For cold weather with my wife we use the two-person North Face dolomite. I prefer a blanket though which is what we use in the warmer months. It’s an REI brand down blanket. I often use this when I am solo as well. When it’s really cold and I’m solo I use an LL Bean sleeping bag rated for 15F.

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two rab sleeping bags joined together when chilly, add in a down comforter when much colder - or if im solo two sleeping bags
in summer a flannel sheet and light weight comforter / blanket

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Best part about having a GFC is being able to sleep in real bedding and have it always ready. We use a sheet then have a fleece blanket, a light weight down comforter, and a heavy down comforter that we create in various combinations depending on temperatures we expect to encounter. Haven’t needed to use all three yet. We are able to close the tent with all the bedding (sheet, fleece blanket, and one of the comforters) in place (we haven’t been close to needing both down comforters, even down into the teens).

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@blackhearse @Kwood @d.shaw @zwickt this is all such great insight! :pray: Having modular options is key for weather and also solo vs 2 person +

The hoverquilt is an awesome start and I’ll definitely look to grow our line this year with a few more temp ranges of quilts, and possibly synthetics, and then the lightweight booster sheets/blankets which could be used alone in warmer weather or added to quilts to reach below freezing.

It’d be interesting for those extra cold adventures to see if we can do a modular setup that would comfortably hit 0F (or below) and not necessarily be a mummy


Awesome, good to know about the memory foam. I might do an inflatable memory foam topper (thin but comfy) that can still close easily with bedding

I’ll start digging into electric and see what cool solutions we can come up with!

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I use Wiggys sleeping bags exclusively for my backcountry and truck camper sleeping. I have the synthetic zero degree and 30 degree bags that can nest together for -20 rating. They dry quickly if they get wet are very durable and have never let me down. Been using the same set since 2007. Very functional and well made equipment. They’re made in the USA right in Colorado.

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Synthetics are definitely great especially in extra humid / wet conditions! And durability is key. Working on a few synthetic options right now that are pretty awesome and still pack down tight.


An inflatable memory foam topper that fits on top of the cushions and has room to close the top would be great. must have separate mattress or mattresses for the squares because that’s how I get in and out. At the moment I have 2" foam on top of the cushions and it’s a tight fit

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2 person Original Rumpl and a 2 person Nano Rumpl. Mix and match depending on the weather. Leave both closed in the top.