Width of beef bars

Hi Keith…thanks for the kind words. I did a galley replacement project for an older Revel and it was a fun design challenge. I doubt the T-nuts I use with my system are the same as what GFC uses, but maybe they are…I haven’t seen any technical drawings for the GFC RTT extrusion. Doing the beef bar crossbeam is easy…as is sourcing a fabbed tower with mounting holes specific to the crossbeam (in my case 45mm on center) horizontally and the GFC T-slots vertically (two pairs of holes). I treat my framing system as a trade secret, but happy to source as needed for clients.

Trade secret? OK…


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Tnutz.com also has everything you need to make a solid rack system I bought all of my pieces (4 racks) including hardware for under $200. I have the part numbers if you want them. You can also buy the tnuts hardware from them or even on Amazon. They work with the 80/20 system. Gzila also sells the Tnuts for the gofast at a cheaper price.


hey Jcknapp74 …i would love the part numbers please …im trying to build my own beef bars and need to know how to make that happen and the correct parts to buy …
thanks for any info

Yea no problem. I’ll dig up the receipt and get you all that info. Gzila has all of the t nuts you’ll need. I’ll get the other info for the bars and brackets.

Here you go:

For the 80/20 bars: just make sure you put in the notes you want the 54” pieces cut to 53” and retapped. This size only works for the standard version not the XL. The XL size is larger. There’s an option to put this in the notes. I think they have black too. You’ll have to search.


The brackets you’ll need to get from 80/20 since tnutz no longer sells this style. They also have the option for black or silver.


Gzila. Look for the GFC tnuts on the site

thanks again …i m hoping i did everything right but with shipping from tnutz ( 50 bucks in shipping ) im about 225+ all in from Gzilla and 8020. i only ordered 2 bars , 4 transitions plates and the correct amount of tnuts from g zilla…

Hmmm yea I think mine was much less. Shipping was a little less. That’s why I ordered 4 at once. Also the plates I also got from tnutz. Looks like they don’t sell that style anymore. Still $225 is more than what I paid. I guess if you ordered 2 bars with shipping ($50)? that should only be around $96 since the bars are around $22 a piece. Where was the other $130 from?

i ordered the 4 plates which was 90 bucks
then ordered the t nuts …
all adds up i guess…stoked either which way and thanks so much for the guidance…

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Dam $90? The plates should only be around $36 for 4. That $90 seems too high. Did you get anything else?

they were 15 bucks a piece …plus 20 shipping plus tax

i got the black ones…

Ah gotcha. Yea those are a bit more but still cool. Glad you found all the stuff ok :ok_hand:

We will be adding a GFC roof bar system to what we have in development for GFC products. The cross beam will be rectangular extruded aluminum (with tubular center profile for strength) bolted to the tower on the longitudinal centerline of the profile. Mounting options will be to the bottom (2 slots), sides, and top (2 slots) of each beam.

  • 3.54” x 1.77” extrusion profile.
  • Positioning T-nuts available in M8, M6, and M5 sizes.
  • T-slot filler strips will be available.
  • Beam ends will be capped and sealed with silicone sealant.
  • Towers will be 12-gauge steel with matte black powder coat finish.
  • Attachment to GFC extrusion via GFC T-nuts, bolts, and “dogbones”.
  • Optional 1/8" aluminum load stops.


53" roof rail (see post here for beam profile image):

End of rail detail. Tower bolts through the plastic end-cap directly into the aluminum extrusion beam in two places with M8 screws:

Plastic end-cap. Seals extrusion from water ingress:

12-gauge steel tower. Attaches to beam extrusion with M8 screws and to GFC top extrusion with GFC T-nuts, bolts, and “dogbones”:

Optional 12-gauge load stop. Bolts to the top of the beam extrusion using M8 screws and positioning nuts:

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Pricing is done for this product. Check it out at Products - 4WD-Mod.com.