Will a GFC from a second Gen fit on a third Gen Tacoma?

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I’m slated to get my GFC this coming summer and I had a question about the fit of the GFC. I currently have a second Gen access cab tacoma and know I will never have anything but a tacoma but I am not ready to upgrade to a third generation tacoma yet. If I get the GFC for my second gen long bed tacoma, will it easily fit the third gen long bed? I hope it would be a nearly perfect fit but I am not 100%. Thanks for the help!

Shoot GFC support a email they’re real fast replying back or give them a call.

Like @crazyfingers said check with support they are very helpful.

You can also check out this post Swap from 2nd to 3rd gen Taco?

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I was told when I got mine that they would.

V1 = given the same bed length - they will fit 1st 2an and 3rd gen the gfc frame is the same

the way the first gen attaches is different to the 2nd and 3rd gen

different seals are used between the 2nd and 3rd gen (including the rear hatch seal

V2 = specific design per vehicle / gen -

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If I have a 2nd gen Tacoma and am tentatively purchasing a 3rd gen GFC what parts will I need to attach it?

depending on how old the seal is under the camper may want to replace that, but the 2nd gen header is lower than the third gen so you will need to double up the seal there. (gfc places two seal there to fill the small gap on a 2nd gen, only one on a 3rd gen) then the rear hatch is different between the two, so gfc has a seal you can put on the rear door. i would also replace the nuts to attach the camper to the bedrail

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@Hoarder23 do you still have links to the seals you used etc?