Wind Fairing - Front Runner Outfitters Experience

I ordered a wind fairing from Front Runner Outfitters to install prior ti heading out for a three week trip, even paid the extra amount for 2nd day air. Arrived today. The first indication of a problem was the box being resealed with clear packing tape. I give them the benefit of a doubt, until I opened the box. The packing styrofoam was broken in to a number of pieces.

The wind fairing had a noticeable bend in it. Given everything seen, it appears that someone in the warehouse either put a damaged return back in to inventory or grabbed a box from the wrong stack as the box appeared to have no damage.

Called them up and they are expediting a replacement unit for Saturday delivery, So far the customer service from them has been excellent. Will follow back up on how it goes from here.

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I’ll add my experience and install for reference. Originally I was going to order directly through Front Runner but shipping was free through Amazon so I went that route. The package was completely intact and had a very thick layer of cardboard to protect the aluminum fairing. Here is the model I went with:

I knew I was taking a gamble on the fairing matching up with my Gen 1 Tacoma but decided to give it a try with the return policy they have. The install was pretty simple.

First I cut a piece of 3/4" x 3/4" aluminum angle to match the length of the fairing and attached it to the lower slot with 4 t-nuts on the GFC. Then I placed the fairing on the angle and marked the location of attachment points on the fairing. Then drilled holes in the top of the angle.

Then I installed the fairing

The fairing has a rubber lip that I thought would be great to seal edge, but I forgot about the truck bed moving independently from the cab. On the first test drive it was apparent that I had created an unbearable constant squeaking from the rubber/body interface. First I tried some weather stripping I had sitting around which helped marginally, but if it was cold it was still noisy. After some searching I came up with this felt tape and paint protection tape.
Now it is silent and has made a big difference in reducing the wind noise.


Excellent information thanks. Just ordered the felt tape. Did you see any improvement in gas mileage at all? I see numbers ranging from 0 up to 5mpg gain. I know mmv on any number of factors.

We haven’t taken a long enough trip to measure MPG since I installed it. Heading out this weekend though and I’ll report back.

I’ll be installing mine tomorrow and am heading up to Oregon with a return next week. Will also provide some feedback as this is a trip I take every 2-3 weeks and have a known fuel use including weather, wind, additional weight, towing (17’ drift boat).

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Front Runner Outfitters replaced the damaged wind fairing and provided great customer service, so props to their team. Unfortunately, and not unexpectedly, UPS missed the required delivery date. But we adjust.

How has the felt tape held up through summer? Do you anticipate having to routinely re-apply? I just pulled my fairing off cause the noise was so annoying - your felt tape solution brings me renewed optimism.

@OhHiMark I am happy to report that the felt tape it is in the same condition as when I applied it. I’m in Utah so we don’t see a lot of rain but we did have a pretty good monsoon season and it held perfectly. I would highly recommend it.


Hopefully that wasn’t the case, but to compare, the bend in mine was about 18" from the front right side and bent upward a good 4-5 inches.

This looks like a great setup. I have a 2020 Tundra and of course have noticed loss of mpg, so am thinking of a fairing. Noise hasn’t seemed to be an issue. I’ll have to measure but I’m thinking this may be a bit short on the Tundra since it looks like it fits perfectly on the Taco. Any other fairings out there to try for a Tundy?

Front Runner does have a 1475mm / 58” wind fairing that could easily work.

Just installed the Front Runner low profile fairing (1345mm/1425mm) on my 2018 Tacoma. Went low profile and shorter because of the sun roof. It steepens the angle so we’ll see how this plays out. Also used the felt tape suggested above.

Added this after my install last week. Drove up from Denver to Belgrade and averaged ~18.5mpg. Added the GFC and averaged ~14.5mpg on the way back. I know we don’t get trucks for gas mileage but if a simple fix is a fairing, I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks for the recommendations and photos in this thread!


This looks great. How does it work when you open the camper? Doesn’t the fairing angle down as the camper opens and drive into the roof of the truck?

That’s a great feature of the GFC, the front track face stays still and vertical when the hinge opens the tent.


Take a closer look next time you open the camper… That mysterio hinge :eyes:


No expert as mine is still on order… but it seems that if you open your camper your fairing my come unattached or crushed…
I dont honestly know, but was curious…

It’s a neat hinge. Graham shows it off about 2:20 into the V2 platform camper video.


I happily stand corrected. Thanks for sharing that video.

Stays in the same position.

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Thanks for the responses, didn’t realize that. GFC continuing to impress!