Wind fairings and deflectors

Hey Crew- I have read the other Wind Fairing/Deflector posts here, but looking for anyone who has come across a non-custom wind fairing/deflector–as you can see from my photos, the Frontrunner wind fairing/deflector I am using is not long enough to really do much–In fact I think I am getting worse MPG than I was before. Any solutions (again, non custom) that you have come up with or seen, please let me know–thanks so much!

I started with the Front Runner fairing. It was basically a speedbrake and didn’t help my gas mileage. I kept the mounting hardware and the rubber front edge and added them to a piece of ABS plastic I cut to size. It sits at a much better angle and did actually give me a modest bump in MPG. My build is detailed below. I know you’re not looking for custom option, but this is the most cost effective solution I came up with after the Front Runner didn’t measure up.

I have a Tacoma Access Cab with an Animas rack and their stock wind fairing that was installed prior to my GFC install. I don’t have a scientific before and after MPG analysis, but I don’t notice any significant wind noise and I’m overall happy with the setup. I recently added a Roam 83L roof box that ends up being about an inch higher than the GFC but below the top of the beef bars. I like the look and still no significant wind noise. It ‘looks’ more streamlined, but it would be really interesting to see how it performs in a wind tunnel. But full disclosure…I was driving a Jeep Wrangler before, so I am used to driving a giant wind catching box down the road!

I am wondering if i used one of those rectangular non-folding solar panels as an aero kick ramp, would that hold up? Or would it chip as soon as a rock hits it?

this is very easy to make and looks better than any off-the-shelf option I’ve seen. lowe’s and home depot both sell 1/4" acryllic sheets and will cut on site. Easy, Effective DIY Wind Fairing

Mine has held up for 2 years, eliminated wind noise.

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