Wind skid discussion

Debating on picking one up but I’d like to hear from you guys if it’s actually worth the $110. I’ve heard it makes cleaning bugs much easier but what are the other benefits? Does it reduce the wind noise? If so, how much? Plus any other benefits you’ve come across!

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I get no wind noise from the camper version. It may help with bug clean up if you felt the need, but as for noise, i get zero.

F150 super crew with the camper here. I definitely get wind noise/buffeting. It’s fairly noticeable. Above 45mph I know it’s there, and above 65/70mph its pretty annoying. I’m annoyed by the price of the wind skid and very little information about whether it will actually help or not. Just not psyched to pay to be a product tester. I don’t give a shit about bugs in the extrusion - my truck is always dirty anyway. But the wind noise is definitely a drag, literally and figuratively.

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I have the camper version on my 3rd gen Tacoma. No wind noise for me and I’ve had the truck up to 80mph.

I think the wind skids are more beneficial for the RTTs over the campers. I’m an RTT user and I’d definitely recommend it since the front of the tent sits right above my front doors. It doesn’t get rid of wind noise entirely, but reduces a noticeable amount and gets rid of the annoying t-slot whistle.

I noted this on this on the F150/Raptor wind noise page but thought I should mention it here as well. The cause of my wind noise was the large tent drain hole in the center of the cab under the leading edge of the tent. I called GFC and they suggested taping it as a temporary fix. They are offering 3-D printed snap in pieces to fill the space.

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@OceansideWhale I’m new to these. Could you put up a picture of what you’re mentioning? Also, do you just contact GFC for the piece?

Thank you!

It’s hard to take a picture of it. It’s in the center of the truck under the leading edge of the V2 GFC if you feel along that leading edge you should feel it. Yes I called them but you can email their service department for the part as well.

I’d be concerned about taping a functional drain closed…no?

I installed a fairing on my F150. The turbulence was crazy. Fairing corrected it for me.

I’ll leave you to make that decision for yourself. The tape is a temporary fix to determine where the problem was coming from. The 3-D printed snap in cover will be the permanent solution. I can update when I receive mine. I also live in San Diego so minimal rain/need for drain ports.

To follow-up here’s the component GFC sent me to solve the wind noise permanently. Basically it diverts the wind around the hole while still allowing it to function as a drain.

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@OceansideWhale thanks for the pics! Do I just request this from them? You have a pic of where it goes?

Thanks so much!