Winter use/ storage

I live in northern NY. We have long cold icy, snowy winters. I was wondering if I should remove the GFC for the winter ? Or part of the winter? Would it freeze closed? Or remove the bed pads? Should i build frame to set it on?? I do not have a garage to park my truck in with the GFC on it. I am worried about weather damage. What are the thoughts out there about it??

Cover the locks, but I’d imagine the rest is fine.

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Having lived in the east throughout my youth. Yes it will freeze shut, just like your truck doors may freeze shut. Use a good graphite based lube for the lock tumblers. If you haven’t already invest is some latch covers from one of the cats on here. @jedgar has 3D print files if you own a printer to make your own. THat’s what I have on mine and they work great.

But my rear door freezes shut all the time because of the design of the RAM tailgate. But just like a topper moisture gets between the rubber seal and the truck and freezes.

I use my GFC all winter and it’s fine. Storing it would be like storing a canoe, you’ll want to regularly clean the snow off of it to avoid damaging it.

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Said lock covers


I am in MN and pull my V1 GFC in the winter. I do not want to expose it to the road salt. I have an awning on the side of my garage where I hang it (solo). I have done it three winters already.

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Great idea to cover locks. I do not have the fancy 3D printer… maybe someone here can sell me two???:laughing::laughing::laughing: take a picture of it up for-me please. How did you attach ? I may be able to rig something up! Thanks so much for responding!

Aluminum is corrosion resistant, and the powder coating/paint quality seems fine to me. I wouldn’t worry about it!

I know the weather is different in the NE, but it was designed in the rockies with plenty of snowfall. I leave mine on all year in Colorado and enjoy having an enclosed space so I can protect items from road grime, snow, etc. Plus, it is a great little warming hut at the ski areas with the addition of a buddy heater.

Definitely do not remove the cushions. If you remove the cushions you are more likely to see water ingress.

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These are pretty nifty and I’ve been thinking about ordering some before the snow flies here in Michigan.

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This…… if I didn’t already print up my covers, I would have gone with the ones by sweoverlander as they use magnets rather than the slip fits mine uses