Wiring Brake Light, 2017 tacoma

I searched in the search box and surprised nothing came up. Having trouble wiring camper brake light. Note, My harness has already been tapped by the Leer dealer for my old topper. I have their 3 wires coming out and the 2 GFC wire. I tried doing it myself and got different results. Ended up once with it working for a second then camper light went out. Light not blown, comes on with 12v test. Took it to a Leer dealer and they got brakes lights all coming on…got home, no tail lights…UG!!! So I checked wrong fuse but I’m almost sure fuse is blown. Tail light bulb good. My question, could the leer place techs crossed a wire and burned out fuse somehow? As it was daytime they most likely didn’t check tail lights I’m assuming. (checking correct fuse in the morning) I could tap into other un tapped tail light with the GFC provided taps in fact I would have but the Leer wires are already fed through. I don’t want to remove GFC and my bed rails are tapped and sealed pretty good. I want to avoid that, in fact I’ll drill a hole to get there if I have to go that route. So basically I’m just blah blah blahing until I check fuse. If blown I’m hoping a new fuse will fix it and the leer tech blew it effing around. If not, I’m gonna be even more pissed. At this point I just want my tail lights back on, sheeeesh!!!

Hopefully it’s just a blown fuse, I used this to help wire my brake light and tap into the brake light. I’d make sure the correct wires are being wired but and nothing is shorting out. Another user had an issue you can see here for reference. Best of luck!

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Thanks, I actually had found that before and used it to check Leers wire taps, very helpful. I was looking for it again to double check, thank you.
If I bail on using this harness I’m doing what GFC intends you to do. Might untap the leer crap and use that wire harness to pull GFC wires down into tail light housing. I also have another theory, possibly I smoked tail light fuse 2 weeks ago and have been running around with no tail lights unknowingly. Most cases it’s “Ok, what have I done this time.” I believe it’s hooked up correctly. I have a brake light, a positive and negative wires tapped. I have the extra positive for my 12v Leer dome light. If all works out that means I have a 12v tapped wire available for possibly some LED interior lights. Working on it at lunch today.

Update, pulled tail light fuse which is in the cabin fuse box, 7.5A. Fuse looked good but I tested it with my meter and it was no good. Swapped a dome light 7.5A fuse in and everything is working. What did I learn, visual inspection of a fuse is not the way to go. Always test it unless it’s clearly smoked visually. My fuse looked fine visually and I went on for awhile racking my brain on what possibly could it be. Both tail lights out usually means its a fuse. This new of a truck I would doubt it to be a switch or wiring which made me break out the volt meter and test it. For now, things are working. Time will tell. If it blows a fuse then it’s gonna take a professional to figure it out. In my First Gen I had a nice Elements fridge, National Luna battery box ect. That little volt meter saved me twice. Once I tracked the problem to an Anderson plug coming loose, and the other was an in line fuse that had come loose. Both problems caused by me with gear pulling on harness. I learned every square inch of the install in which I knew for sure was solid quality work. 9 times out of 10. I’m the one effing shit up.