WTB: Beef rack bars x2

Looking for two beef rack bars w/hardware, will pay shipping or pick up in the NW

Where in NW? I am in Portland and am considering selling mine.

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Not sure if you’re dead set on genuine beef rack bars, but if not, you can buy enough material from 80/20.net to do three bars for the price of one GFC Beef Rack Bar if I remeber correctly. There’s a post on here somewhere for the DIY beef rack bars.

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I can pick up in Portland on Saturday morning, send me an offer.

Thanks! I’ve looked into it a little bit for a drawer module but hadn’t looked too much into custom crossbars.

my build is coming up very soon. Im planning on buying the gzila track nuts for 3x of these bars. I think its going to be about $150 for the cross bars, and $70 for the track nuts.


Saturday AM works for me! $380 for both


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Looks pretty bomber to me. :slight_smile:

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