WTB: XL camper for 2022 F150 6.5' bed Salt Lake City

looking for your camper!

I’m looking to sell the unit that was on my ram power wagon. XL unit for 6 1/2 foot bed. I had to trade the truck. I’m located in the Portland Oregon area.

Do you know if this would fit on an F150? I don’t think so but not sure of the cross compatibility. Do you have the width of the camper? Would be cool if gofast would put out a table with the dimensions and different trucks (this might already exist somewhere…) Also in the post right above mine someone is looking for a ram camper ISO GFC XL for Ram Power Wagon

I will pull it out of storage and measure the dimensions of the space tubing that sits on the bed rails.

Sorry it took so long, I finally got the measurements so you can validate against your truck bed.
Length is 77in.
Width at cab and tailgate is 67in.
Height from bulkhead to bottom of cabover is 26 in.

Campers are built specifically to each truck. They do have shared components, but I believe each model is made to compliment the body lines of the specific truck they were built for.

Personally, I would only but a GFC intended for your specific truck model. -Not trying to stop a sale here, just want to make sure everyone has a good experience.

Lead times are super short right now. Looks like you could get a camper sometime next month if you ordered now according to their website. A year ago lead times were 9 months.

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Hey, I’m in a pretty brutal situation. Love my camper but my truck is a lemon. LMK if you want to work something out!