48" ARB Rear awning mounting

Has anyone managed to get a 48"x 96" awning out the back for their V1 or V2 (Have a V2 on order)?

GFC did a test fit and it seems like the GFC brackets and the mount would impede on the latches. Is there any jiggery pokery that can be done to make this work?


@LBS_TRDadventures has a clean rear awning setup. Not sure of the mounts but check out his build thread


Thanks @jedgar! I have had success with the rear awning using the following setup with GFC track nuts and 1/4-20 bolts, better detail in my build. I will taking it off to get new hinges installed. I may have to raise my bracket up one row?


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Oh wow!!! Perfect! I’m slated for a V2, but I’m stoked there’s an option! How does it hold up to highway speeds, snow (not sure where you are) etc… also, my current topper setup the awning needed to be flush to the topper to prevent rain. Do you find the gfc rear door is wide enough to not allow too much drip into the box when open?

It’s one of my annoyances right now, when I flip the door up it drips at the hinge on my sleeping gear.

I have the V1, here’s the only pics I have of the rear. No issues on highway, I haven’t had much rain or snow experience with the awning deployed. It sits about 2-3” in from rear hatch.

For me it works as I hoped, which was cover if I was cooking off the back. I found added benefits that it creates more shade for the fridge and it’s a good place to put our shoes when we crawl in the tent.


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This is the most helpful post on the forum :metal: Not sure why I never thought to do this.

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I am curious did you ever install an awning off the rear of the GFC? If so, which brackets did you use to mount the awning to the tent? Thanks

I didn’t get my camper yet, should be getting picked up today by a courier to bring it to Canada. But I saw somewhere else someone used the gfc brackets and cut a cutting board to size and that worked. So that’s my plan.


There’s the post that shows what this fellow did.


That dog will hunt. The other brackets, Leitner Designs, are unavailable currently.


Hey thanks for the inspiration, I followed the exact process, using an old kitchen cutting board, cut down to size and painted and the setup seems solid.
I just need to find the right hardware to attach ARB awning to GFC universal mount niw, since the GFC hardware is too big.

Can you tell me the type/size of the nuts/bolts that’s attaching the awning to the bracket please?

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Oh? I used the provided hardware with the provided washers. Mine worked no problem with the GFC bracket. I did have to use a different bolt to attache the bracket to the the GFC though. Just happened to have some 10mm 1” bolts (I think) kicking around and they thread into the t-nuts no problem.