A Cajun’s build… “Odys”


My name is Natalie and I’m from South Louisiana. I thought I’d share my build on here so you could see the progress as it happens.

The build name “Odys” was the name of the previous owners dog that passed away. He had a ton of memories with that pup and this camper, so I thought I’d keep that name alive and use it.

I bought my ‘19 Tacoma back in October after a trip to the PNW in my 4Runner. I knew a GFC was the goal one day, so I started building out the bed of my truck with that in mind.


I started out with a soft RTT that I had on a trailer build, then upgraded to an iKamper. I knew one I had some money saved up for the GFC, I’d be able to sell the iKamper and get most of my money back.

With the GFC in mind, I upgraded the rear leafs to Icon RXT set on stage 3.

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Next was the build out of the bed of the truck. I built a drawer system, and added a 13gal water tank. Everything laid out for my future GFC.

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And the moment came… one I thought would be years from now. Came across this great deal on a V2 that I couldn’t pass up.

After only a week of having my brand new Prinsu rack mounted. I removed it and cut half of it off. Painful? Absolutely!

Also, this sticker gets a great laugh any time someone reads it.


So far, I’ve added some LED lighting in the bed, and once I vinyl wrap the inside roof of the tent, I will be adding LED strips there as well (along with a creative decal idea I have)

I also made a rear window cover that velcros on and off, out of some red buffalo sheets that I had to match the Overland Soft Goods sheet set that I ordered.

As far as what’s to come… I have bed carpet in order, and will be building a slide in box/shelf that will cover my water tank with port hole access to fill. The cypress top shelf will hold my solar generators. I also ordered a Underland molle panel that I will mount my hot shower tank to. I also added 1” memory foam to the mattress sections which have helped.

Today I also made brackets for my 2 100w solar panels that will be flush mounted with the beef bars.

Stay tuned, more pics to come with the progress!


Which memory foam did you go with? Im looking at doing the same thing and stuffing them in the GFC cushion pockets. Was it an absolute pain to get to fit?

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It was a 1” foam memory mattress I’ve been having for years, so I’m not sure what kind it is. And it wasn’t a pain at all.

Your rig looks great and congratulations on the job you have done with “Odys”. Because you live in Louisiana you are part of the Southeast Region of GFC maniacs. If we could help you in any way, just reach out. Keep up the great work and look forward in seeing more of your great build.

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Thank you! I appreciate it!

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I wrapped the inside of the tent ceiling with satin black vinyl. Not too bad for my first time touching vinyl!


Let me know how much light that headliner blocks out. I have been wanting to do something similar.

The only light coming into the tent now is from the tent material itself. It’s a lot better now.

Today I took everything out of the back, cleaned up the bed, and put a BedRug mat. So much more forgiving on the knees. The carpet matches the carpet on my drawer system, and the carpet I bought for the shelf that will cover the water tank.

I also added an “Odys” decal to the rear window.

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LEDs and Overland Soft Goods sheets added!


One step closer…


Nat, the build looks great and I like your use of space. I specifically like the vinyl ( I know if I attempted that there will be bubbles all over) and lights in the tent, wow!
Keep up the good work!


Thank you! If you do the roof, just remove it. It was a lot easier than I thought. Once I reinstalled it I siliconed the corners where the brackets meet just to be safe.

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Looking awesome great work


Thank you!