A Cajun’s build… “Odys”

those anchors are pretty cool and the price is even better than something I could print lol

Super neat! What PSI pump did you go with? Liking the pressure?

Glad you liked em! Work great and the price is even better!

@nat3060 @Buhlockaye killed it with the idea of using the OVS mounts for the awning/window mounts! Much cheaper option for sure. OVS probably wondering why they selling everything lol

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I was thinking that same thing when I ordered mine.

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Just be careful of placing the rod in the mount. @Buhlockaye actually 3D printed a mount for his so the pole doesn’t rub/hit the extrusion. You might have to modify the end of the tent pole or just be careful sticking them/moving them around once deployed.

Yeah there’s a couple of options to mitigate that. I am careful putting them in, you could also stick a piece foam tape or rubber tape in behind there on the GFC itself.

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That’s what I did. I had some left overs from the tailgate seal which is a thick rubber. I cut out pieces and used the double sided tape that’s on it to stick it in the rail where the rod hits.

Dosent the heat come off the top of the water heater? Is it not enoughto cause issue?

I put a video up on tiktok with a quick tour of the GFC


Lol, this randomly popped up on my tiktok feed, which I rarely check. Great walk-through, but it was odd hearing your voice after reading your posts for so long. I’ve stolen many of your ideas as I build out my own camper, and yours is one of the ones I show folks when they want to understand what GFC’s are all about. Keep up the great work, really inspiring.


I had to try hard to mask the Cajun accent so people could understand me :joy:


Don’t ever hide it - it’s an awesome accent and is part of who you are. And, it gives you and your truck character.


really awesome. I’m getting so many ideas from you. One question. How is visibility out the back window with the full molle panel?

Minimal due to my Ecoflow sitting on that shelf, so it blocks most of the view. But without it I can see just fine.

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Cool. Thank you so much. I’ve been debating whether I should get the full molle or the one with the window cut out. If it’s possible to see ok, I might as well get the full one for more flexibility.

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Definitely go for full

I need to go back and look at what all i’ve done with the camper since my last mod. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up!

But today, while its on my mind, I added some left over 24x24 stick back carpeting I had left over from doing my iKamper floor. I just need to do the front panel now, which I should have enough squares.


Nice. I’ve thought about the roof but hadn’t considered hitting the panels.

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I have it on both. Makes a big difference having it on the floor as well imo.