AMA or Ask Us Anything About HEST Mattresses for GFCs

@WrinkledPants Thank you so much, you’re amazing! Softest sheets and I was hoping you’d make some Hest-sized :blush:


Customer service has always been excellent. Have you tried to reach out to @ew206 on here? He’s super rad, and prompt to respond. Sometimes they are traveling for work, or have events they are taking part in. Hope this helps.

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Hey, please email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re a small team and do our best to provide quick responses but sometime we do get busy with other inquiries, events etc.

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Question for you, I preordered the Dually Platform 50 back in April, I know the target is June, any chance you guys have a rough idea of whether that’s looking like early june or late june? I’ve got a trip coming up and am assuming it won’t arrive in time but want to be hyped if it will be! lol


Great question! We just got an update that we should hopefully have them built by June 20ish in Seattle. Once we get them complete we will need to pack and send out. So including shipping to your home it is closer to the end of the month. We will be emailing the list of pre-orders once we have an exact date that they will be complete in Seattle.


Sweet thanks for the quick reply and update!

Thank you for this! Was just gonna send an email about expected dates for shipping as well…

Heads up. We only produced a limited amount of these new HEST Dually Platform 50s and we only have 10 left in our pre-stock inventory (Camping Mattress Pad for Go Fast Campers | Dually Platform 50 - HEST). Once we sell out of these pre-orders, they are gone until we can produce more!

We should start shipping all pre-orders mid to late June, 2024. So hopefully we can give all of you an update in the next week on exact dates.


Crossing my fingers for the XL version!

Any updates? Super excited to get mine :slight_smile: