Anyone making bug screens

for the 2 side panels and rear panel to floor of open tailgate. beyond my expertise to make these.


I haven’t seen any of these for sale. Which is why I made my own. They’re not too hard to make but I understand it may be more hassle for some than it’s worth.

I will say it is awesome to have a screened in cabana mode!


There is a person here on the form that has an epic at home made bug screen. I wish i could remeber his @. Ill keep thinking but someone has done it.


If you search bug screens. A few different folks come up that are building these.


Hey i found a lady that does custom bug screens!!!

I got 2 custom screens on the way for left and right. Cost my $100 per screen plus shipping from Florida.

Another human person led me to this lady i wish i could remeber who it was here… but if you need a connect let me know. Happy to share the knowledge.

Absolutely will share pics whencm they arrive. She told me 1 week in production and a day or 2 for shipping.

She has openings and is available.

the guy that lead you was this girl. bug free is happiness


You ever get those big screens installed? Would love to see a photo


They arrived. Waiting on velcro backing. Should arrive today. Ill get ya some pics here shortly.
Gotta say quality it top notch.
Hopefully they fit well…

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So they fit, little big but no complaints.
Bug screens will do wonders, however when they are not in use it would be best to take them off and keep them in the gear hammock in the back of the truck.
When you close the side doors the latches hang up in the screen. So again this is a strictly, when in camp mod.

All in all I give this product a 8 out of 10.

Now to be fair, the wonderful lady who made these has not been contacted by myself yet about the size in that they are a little to big.
I’m sure she would assist me if I asked as she has been great to deal with and very friendly.
Contacted her - she said no problem, send them back and we will make them fit better.*

I feel that for what I paid this is a damn good deal to keep air flowing and heat down. It gets hot in southern Va in the summer both inland and in the coast, plus the skeeters are bad.

The build is high quality, well stitched and screen material is stout. I had to buy the otherside of the velcro, easy purchase on Amazon.

For the general cost of mods for a GFC or new Silverado, I i think $100 a screen is well worth it.

I am very happy with them.

Her contact is
Name is Sandi

Be sure to measure well.

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I had her make mine a little bigger because they go over the frame packs. also my velcrow is lower on the frame base. she is very nice person and can make these for any truck

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Cheep solution Walmart $14.99


Hello. Posts here are about a year old and I just wanted to check to see if anyone knows if Sandi is still doing this and how your bug screens are holding up. With the season starting I am interested in this and sounds like a good, cost-efficient path if she is still doing it. Thanks

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I do not know if she is still at it or not. she had a store on Etsy. That is where I would look

Here’s a link to the topic. I used screens from Home Depot and Duct Tape. Works perfect and a quick fun project.

New screens

@TReitz and @Cojo thank you both. It looks like that Etsy link still works and so I may go that path. But @Cojo your duct tape solution also looks solid and a lot cheaper!

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Mine are holding up. I have about 66 days out using them. Definitely a nice add on.

Could you share the Etsy link?

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