Anyone using an Alu-cab ladder?

I’m looking forward to my V2 install in January. I’m contemplating this ladder from Alu-cab. Specifically, I like the fact that the ladder rungs are wider, and sloped (easier on bare feet).

Has anyone attempted to use this ladder/mount solution with their GFC?

Why would you want that when GFC has the Mantis Claw? The Mantis Claw is awesome!

I am not opposed to the Mantis Claw. But… It appears to be a really nice top on a pretty average ladder. I’m far from small. And my feet hurt even before climbing up & down a ladder on the corners of the rungs.

I wouldn’t mind using the claws on the top of the iKamper ladder. But, by the time you buy all of that, you might just use the Alu-cab.

I just hadn’t seen anyone comment on it. And it seems like the mount would be something you could secure to the side of the tent with those t-nuts. So, I’m curious…

I don’t have one but I agree that the Alu-Cab ladder looks like a good contender for mounting to the GFC t-tracks. The mounting bracket included has bolt holes all along a single line so it should be easy to put on the GFC.

I would recommend the beefier 1/4-20 tnuts for mounting the bracket. However, it is likely that the backside of the bracket is flat and does not contain recesses for where the tnuts sit proud from the GFC extrusion. You can slip nylon washers around the tnuts to make up for that. Here’s an example:

I personally have the iKamper ladder, which doesn’t come with mounts so I made some using aluminum square tube, tnuts, and the nylon washers linked above.


Got the Mantis claw system and the provided ladder from GFC a few weeks back and picking up my camper next week. I can give you a review of that system if you’d like. I know I’m not answering your question about Alu-cab but might help a bit in your decision making!

I am not sure what they mean by wider and sloped. That looks like they took one of the telescoping ladders off Amazon and painted it black.

I’d be very curious to see a side by side comparison