Awning blocks mod tool share

Anyone else sick of the cheap plastic tarp clamps? After seeing @shittco do this mod I bought a grommet kit and it was super easy. So nice not to have those clips stuffed inside the tent when closing up.

The kit came with 36 grommets and I only needed 2. Was thinking i’d ship the whole package (install tools and grommets) to someone else who wants to do the same upgrade. Once they are done they can pass it on to the next in line. No charge of course. Be kinda cool if forum friends could all save a few bucks and help out each other out.

Who’s first?


Great flippin’ idea!

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I am interested! :smiley:

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Dm me you info @omnien and I’ll send it your way!

I am interested. I would need 6 grommets

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alright once @omnien is done he can send it on to @n2nrsng

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So tempting to do this instead of the clips… then again my mounting blocks are plastic so I can’t really be plastic free…

What grommet size did you use?

These are #3 so 7/16”

Awesome, thanks!

Sign me up if there are any left.

Love it man!! It’s close to what I was gonna try, but with rare earth magnets.

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Brilliant- I hate the clips

I’ll be the wet blanket… tent is plastic honey comb is plastic the cushion covers are plastic don’t get me going on the cement “cushions”…

with that out of the way… maybe put a grommet in the center and pull flaps tight when closed?

Haha good points @blackhearse

Great idea. Would love to jump in on this. I too have 6 and constantly fear I’ll lose the clips. Less about the material and more about the hassle. Thanks for sharing!

Alright @omnien once you are done reach out to @n2nrsng for the next handoff. :+1:


Great thread!!! Installing grommets is so easy and much cleaner than the plastic tarp holders.

Great community move Josh!!!

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@jedgar thanks, got the package a few days ago, will install tomorrow! had to wait until the weather got better :smiley:

@n2nrsng I’ll send you a message soon

This is fantastic. I love the idea and the pay it forward