Awnings! What are your thoughts?

Just had some help installing the new CVT 270 awning with my buddy who works there. Stay tuned for when I can open it up somewhere other than my driveway :call_me_hand:t3:


Excited to hear how you like the CVT. The 270s in general are mostly bomb! Game changer with the set up n take down time. Actually want to use mine more lol

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Here’s some driveway pics of the CVT 270 awning in tan. Initial impressions are it’s extremely stout. The single provided pole gives additional comfort if there’s any wind. Provided light strip is nice and comes with a pocket to put a small USB battery bank. The ratchet system for tightening it down is simple and effective, just pull the string to tighten and one press to release. It has a tension rod to help manage water and everything i’d expect from a top notch 270 at 42lbs. I used 3 GFC brackets.


Are you using the wall mount RacksBrax or their awning kit?

GFC mount and RackBrax. Works perfect for me.

Anybody running the Kammok Crosswing free standing awning?

Thinking about buying one to replace my old Yakima Slim Shady that doesn’t get much use b/c of the poles and such. The crosswing looks awesome with how quickly you can set it up. I could see myself using it a lot.

Just picked up a Yakima Major Shady 270 from the REI sale for $750. Good price.1 year return, if I don’t like it. Couldn’t wait for the FSR anymore.

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I know it’s too late but just another shout out for the CVT 270 awning. A little cheaper than the FSR and only 5 more lbs (42lbs). Comes with one pole if you want it and USB light strip.

For anyone who doesn’t know FSR and CVT are both based out of Bend, OR and have a “friendly” competition. I’d wager they based their awning on some of FSR’s success.

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Looks like we just sold the last of our Alu-Cab Shadow awning bracket inventory. Ping me if you are interested in purchasing. Get in touch -