Beef bar alternatives

Any cheaper options out there?

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@GFCnortheast there are these Aftermarket products for the GFC - #41 by

also search for DYI on here

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I modified the diy version for $170 shipped

Posted in another thread, but here was my beef bar alternative:

  • (x1) 10 Series 1" x 2" Extrusion (don’t recall the length). Bar ends tapped for 1/4".
  • (x2) 6 hole end plate
  • (x4) Stainless 1/4" bolts and washers
  • (x4) GFC T-Nuts (1/4")
  • (x1) Prinsu Maxtrax Mount

Things to note:

  • Get access holes pre-drilled. Allows for easier accessory install (don’t have to mount and dismount), and it allows for any water build up to be drained.
  • Use stainless hardware
  • Use 1/4 GFC tnuts, not 10/32.

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where’d you get these? that’s precisely what i’m looking for!

-Chuck not to step on your toes @fatfurious2 :wink:
If you’re in Canada, I think.

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I ordered from You can also get some stuff a little cheaper from I got the gfc nuts from gzila. Took about 4 weeks for delivery. I used this as my build sheet:

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I zoomed in on your end plates (6 hole). Where did you get those?

I purchased them from tnutz